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all twitterpated.

31 Aug

Well well well

Workin all the time. Spendin free time with the boy.

Met his mama yesterday. Pretty classic, I was waiting for him to come back after class to spring meeting the grandparents on him. So slyly I’m like “heyyyy so what are we doing today” & he comes back with “well my mom really wants to meet you” “cool then after we’re going to my grandparents!” haha. We called it family day.

His mom took our picture (which I need to get since all I’m posting are creepy stalker pics of his back on here lol) & then when we got to my grandma’s she pulls out the camera too! Obviously we look good together. < / narcisism >

My grandma is SMITTEN with him. Calls him “SOS” because I taught her the saying “Sex on a stick” hahaha. yes this is my family. She just kept wanting to hug him & kept saying “ohhh he’s so cute! one more hug!” 😀

We were planning on going to look at doggies but the shelter was closed 😦 so instead we got tequila, margarita mix, & rented Date Night. good times!

hmmm what else what else? just lots of scooter rides & fancy food for moi! happy kid.

Mom & I shopped A WHOLE LOT this weekend & I spent more than I should have. but DAMN I got good stuff! I got 4 pairs of shoes on Sunday that I can’t wait to show you. I can’t help but buy heels these days now that I can’t wear them everyday. It’s so depressing.

I also got a TON of skirts from the thrift store & possibly my most favorite thrift purchase yet…


these gloves are amazing! Kmart of all places! 10 bucks!

This outfit was really cute & comfy despite the awkward pose! ready to get my thrift on!

This is me reading in the boys “panther” bed while he got fresh. Reading “Kitchen Confidential” it’s a requirement for dating him. But it works for me because I already had a crush on Anthony Bourdain & he happens to be a super great writer.

This is an example of the yummy food I have brought home for me. This plate of deliciousness was topped with a pink rose too! Notice I didn’t get a picture of that however. Gah fat kid. Those are the best grits I have EVER had & let me tell you I love me some grits. Parmesan oh I do love you!

Thats your funny for the day. If you know the history of my last relationship, that is like the greatest tweet ever. His mom was really cool too. Still a few more crazy tests before I go for facebook officialness, but I passed the mom facebook stalking, & he laughed through my grandma’s “dooflinky” & “kicked out of church” stories, so it’s lookin pretty good friends….

Now for the best picture I have ever bestowed upon you bloggy. Here is the hot boy in PINK SHORTS (I have always had a thing for guys in pink. It usually takes me an entire relationship to get a guy to wear a pink shirt, of which I generally buy for them. My grandpa even wears one for me on my birthday every year, I tell you its a thing) and he’s TAKING OUT MY TRASH. oh heart be still.


Sunday Monday Fun days

24 Aug

Fun times!

I’m on a 2 hour break from work. Was supposed to be off at 3 but they decided they wanted me back 🙂 WAHOOOO overtime!

Speaking of overtime, I was given yesterday off because I already had “wayyyyy too much overtime” of course that’s what THEY think. You can never have too much overtime in my opinion 🙂

Sunday I went shopping with my mama (spent way too much money but was happy with the tiny sizes I was collecting : ), saw the gparents, ate crazy appetizers at Public House, pitcher of sangria, $20 for 20 minutes of Dinner For Shmucks, margaritas at Chili’s, & fun times.

Yesterday, I am quite sure was the best Monday I’ve had in the 3 years since I graduated college. Nice to have one off. Even nicer is how I filled my time….

I got some lovin’, got waffle house for breakfast, scooter rides all day, did productive things, visited my mama, scored some killer vinyls, ate frozen yogurt, met the boys bff’s, was fed yumminess, cuddled, watched Super Bad & The Girl with the Dragon tatto (HILARIOUS & so fucking badass respectively), drank some beers, made a walmart run, bought a “Get Er Done” hoody to keep me warm late at night on the scooter, & had the most epic nap with John Mayer playing in my ear. Swoon.

Now it’s time for a nap before back to work, then to have that “You’re great & I’ve had a great time sort of dating you, but theres a guy I actually want to pursue something with… sooo… sorry” chit chat, & then more lovin. Sheesh. Busyiness.

Here are some pictures that I think tell the story.

I once posted about a Breakfast at Tiffany’s vinyl I had seen at a vintage store in Athens, GA that I missed out on. I seriously kicked myself in the ass over it. Well… dundundun

The boy & I found it in a random DIY fashion store downtown. & only FIVE DOLLARS. Gah he’s good vinyl luck.

As for my sweetass hoody, I was going to buy a black one, but once I am dared or challenged, I go for it. Camo it was.

New dress from Marshalls 🙂

More smores!

I’ve been failing at outfit pictures lately…

But today’s outfit. Everyone is loving my necklace!

[skirt – NY&Co; Shirt – Old Navy; Shoes – Walmart; Necklace – F21]

Work eat cuddle sleep repeat

21 Aug

Work was just not going my way today from the very start. Manager was intense & then Josh’s (ex’s) grandma & grandpa came in. Lovely. Ok that’s partially sarcasm but I do love his grandma. She’s too sweet. Also saw his aunt later in the night. WTF universe?!? Haha. That & a crazy busy night aside I, as usual, conquered my closing duties with the aid of our display dessert yummm.

Now it’s time for night 6 in a row with the boy.

Last night I was awakened by my 9 – 11pm nap to deeelicious food & then proceeded to talk until 7am & listen to Tom Petty. Joy.

Tomorrow is mimosas & a visit to the grandparents house followed by a Monday off. I have no idea how to function with two full days off in a row now. Wild.


Im a smitten kitten

20 Aug

4 nights in a row!

Tuesday involved Saw 5, beer, & monopoly. (First game of it I ever lost. So tragic.)

Wednesday there was a trip to walmart & then smore making in the teepee & games of mancala.

Yesterday I got lunch brought to me at work. & then at night before Anchor Man I was presented with a Tom Petty vinyl.


Life gets an A fucking + these days

17 Aug

I really can’t even put into words how great my life has been lately. I’ve been spazzing out for days. My job is great & better everyday. It’s so nice to be so busy, take pride in what I do, & be really really appreciated for it. Everyone I work with is fantastic & more fun everyday.

Today, I talked to an old couple for maybe max two minutes, & when they left the old man handed me 10 dollars & told me that I was a doll & to not spend that money on any tattoos! hahaha!! How amazing is that?!!? Love!!!

This post, of which covers shenanigans that have happened in the last week & yet it still goes all over the place. But its going to end on the best note so keep on…

[ Shirt – Walmart; Shoes – TJ Maxx; Skirt – Old Navy; Headband – Target $1 ]

Then I pretty much repeated a day later…

[ Shirt – Walmart; Shoes – Old Navy; Skirt – Old Navy; Headband – Target $1 ]

So nice to work with ladies again, they really appreciate my outfits!! haha. One lady said to me the other day “oh you look so cute today! You look cute everyday. I tell you everyday. From now on I’m only going to tell you when you don’t look cute ok?” haha.

She still tells me everyday 🙂

[ skirt – Target; Shirt – Ross; Tank – Old Navy; Shoes – Walmart ]

This outfit was the highlight of the last week. EVERYONE went on & on about it, somewhat to my surprise.

My friend Matt flew in for this past weekend. I hadn’t seen him since my last night in FL which was about 4.5 years ago!!! Crazyness. We had a mutual friend when I was 15 named Mark (or MarkyParky in my world) I told Mark I was going to show up to his soccer game with his name & jersey number on my shirt. He challenged me, so of course, I did it.

Well Matt was blown away & after we all hung out after the game he told me how jealous he was. The next week I of course showed up with BOTH their names on me. haha! Well it’s always been our story so I had to do it for his airport arrival!!

His flight was late & I was working until he landed so, the always wonderful driver that I am crafted his name on my pants whilst driving to the airport. Madskillz up in here!!

us circa 2005. (Notice how he wouldnt even touch me. LOL!!!)

Us circa now..

Duct tape comes in SO many colors these days, it’s insane! They had leopard print, but this beige was less clashy more complimentary.

Everyone at the airport thought I was NUTS. I got 3 “Are you looking for MAtt?” & then one guy said “I’M MATT! Where we goin?” haha. I told him I could take two 🙂

Friday after I picked him up & we got hilariously caught in a torrential downpour that made it look like we had gone swimming.

We changed to go to my moms work event at Finley Stadium. I ate this crazy chicken salad sandwich (which is what I am pointing at in the following pictures even tho they weren’t included lol)

Quite a few funnies from that event, but man my fingers are already tired. Not used to a computer anymore! haha

We saw Eat Pray Love (Matt’s a good sport eh!?) & it was kind of a let down. I don’t want to get into it.  Still a cute movie, but of course the book was 10x better!

Saturday we went swimming (my first sunburn of the weekend)

Then after I Worked for 2 hours, we got my FAVORITE sushi take out & ate it in my teepee & watched The Departed (amazinggggg movie!)

Sunday I sweated my goddamn skin off at the Lookouts baseball game. Seriously, when I got up for the pledge, it felt & looked as if I pissed myself. ughhhhh. We only made it three innings before my hissy fit got us out of there. Also, sunburn number dos. Poor thighs.

uhm seriously? How many people does it take to work a hose? lmao.

Now now now, I want to tell you ALL about my night last night, but I’ll just give you highlights.

I had a date with a boy…

a little about the boy…

  • Has mowhawk
  • Drives a scooter
  • Is a Chef
  • Has tattoos

Now for the best & longest date of my life…

it included….

  • him cooking fancy food for me (crab cakes & salmon thingies)
  • playing board games (scattegories & operation)
  • lots of wine (that he brought along with strawberries!)
  • Playing a movie but talking during the whole thing
  • &… are you ready for this?…. Dancing in my living room to the DIRTY DANCING VINYL.

I shit you not.
Does this not scream everything that makes me happy?
I’m happy.
16 hour date. ha!

& this picture probably hits my creep limit. oh well…

strawberries & wine in the teepee! (gotta show you the teepee still!)

My first crab cake & my first attempt at salmon. both DEEEELICIOUS!

Now I’m off to clean a bit & then more date time which includes me being fed & kicking ass at monopoly.

also, you know how your upper lip gets raw from making out with a boy who has stubble? yeah. I have that mark. I haven’t had that mark since I was 15.

12 Aug

Can I just say again that I LOVEEEE my new job?!?! Cuz I do.

Even if I have been working 12 hour days all week & my feet don’t feel like feet anymore.

Tomorrow is my luckiest day in the world!! Friday the 13th!!! I can’t even begin to tell you all the amazing things that have happened to me on Friday the 13ths.

I work a bit tomorrow & then I pick up Matt from the airport (&unfortunately work a little more ha!)

Super excited!


I suck at titles

7 Aug

Not sure if anyone caught my post this morning. I definitely deleted it promptly upon waking but then as I was unposting it I found it pretty comical. So now I’m essentially reposting it, but I’m putting it with other *sober* things to try & class it up a bit…

yes, so after working 13 freaking hours I finally got to my phone & realized my friend Eric’s party was happening. I said I would go & I did honestly want to. The only problem was getting into shoes & not collapsing onto my bed when I went in to find the chosen shoes. I’m good at bailing, I do it all the time, but there was a mention of CHAMPAGNE &… Well, I’ll go anywhere for Champagne. On top of that it was a “Classy Liguor Party” & I’ll take any excuse to dress up. I avoided the bed & surprisingly turned my “30 minute appearance” into “4 hours of fun & makin out” haha

I changed into this

As you can see I was still struggling with my shoes. I set up the camera, hit the timer, & oops don’t have shoes on. haha. Fail.

The dress was a Christmas gift from Anthony when we were together. This was actually the first time I wore it. It’s a great dress. As my style hero Rachel Zoe would say “I love me some sequins!!” 🙂

Btw how cute does the bow on my foot look? It’s so much darker now I love it! It’s obviously much more noticeable since being touched up. I had THREE old men compliment me on it at work yesterday. Old men! I love that. So unexpected.

As for the party.. well I didn’t keep it to classy. But I did make out with the hottie I’ve been eyeballing for a while. &…. well that might have happened in front of my friend Thomas. & that didn’t make him too happy. Now I am trying to do damage control & minimize the situation (even though I say, unless you’re in a relationship, or exclusive, you’re GOOD TO GO).

I wish this blog was a little a lot more anonymous. At least not connected to my name because MAN I ALWAYS HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY!!!! gah.

To the outfits!

[Dress – Target. $20; Heels – Target, $6; Sweater –  Victorias Secret, FREE]

LOOOOVE this new dress! Definitely should not have made the purchase.. cuttin it close this pay period, but ohhh it was only $20, it looks so retro, &it’s really well made. It’s one of those crazy originally $50 dresses at target. pfft. Does anyone pay full price for clothing at Target anymore? I always wait & I generally have great luck.

[Tank – Old Navy; Pants – NY&Co $10 (I think); Wedges – Walmart $5; Belt – Thrifted with a dress; Shirt – Target $4]

I wore this to my first night at Mt Vernon. Minus the wedges. First thing the woman training me says: “You better have brought other shoes!” Luckily I happened to have some white flats in my car to save the day.

(btw I thought I would really dislike my trainer but she was AWESOME! She’s even from my home town in FL which makes it a suuuper small world! Sadly she’s out for 8 weeks now, so I only got one night with her)

[Pants – NY&Co; Flats – Target; Tank – no clue; Cardi – Target $6; Belt – came with a shirt]

Look at that badonkadonk in the mirror! yowza! I did NOT like this outfit & in fact was at target to buy another shirt to wear for the 2nd job. I didn’t find anything. Blahhh.

[shirt – Old Navy; Skirt – Thrifted $4; Heels – Steve Madden $20; Belt – came with dress; headband – target $1]

Really loved this outfit! I think I’m gonna repeat it this coming week for the restaurant since I only wore this to the office…

and yesterday!I feel like this was so much cuter than it photographed.. I just really needed to wear a skirt to the restaurant. I can’t suffer in pants for 13 hours. No way Jose! Surprisingly, EVERYONE loved this outfit & mgmt was so pleased with me. Additionally as the customer base is of the much older set, the customers seemed to love me more too (I also got way better at seating but whatever it’s the outfit!) I’m excited, I obviously touch back to a retro look & I think at this place it will be really appreciated.

Gotta get ready now actually!