Lotsa Clothes

1 Aug

Finally got around to hookin up my handy dandy camera. Why can’t everything go through my iphone? I need a tripod & a timer for it. Wow that’d be swell. (haha swell! Mom are you reading & gagging?)

I had wayy more outfits than I realized on there so I will play catch up on my dramatic life next time.

I also don’t remember exactly when I wore these outfits. But I know it was within the last two weeks. hmmm.

[Blazer & Necklace – Walmart; Shoes – My moms; Dress – Thrifted $2!!]

This new dress was a SCORE at America’s Thrift. Only TWO BUCKAROOS! It has really cute button detailing down the front top that you can’t see. Easily something found at Forever21. I wore my green beads finally, instead of my orange ones. It was a struggle as there is orange in the dress, but I’ve already posted nearly 298372 outfits with the orange necklace. Must. Break. Addictions.

I took off the blazer, changed shoes, & added my beanie (yes I keep wearing it in 90+ degree weather. You’re gonna see it down further too. I’m sorry!) & went shopping with my friend Kalyn where I spent money I should not have. Can people PLEASE stop taking me to stores? My mother did this with me & target today. Grumble.

[Dress – TJ Maxx $25; Shoes – Target (accidentally stolen, long story!); Belt – Vintage from another dress; Scarf – NY&Co $3]

I really liked this gypsy-y [:)] outfit, it was a lot of fun. Scarf doubled as, well.. a scarf, AND a headband. I like that! Also you can’t see the buckle of the belt but it is a nice peachy-pink oval & it worked perfectly with the little colors in the scarf.

[Dress/Tunic – Thrifted $3; Heels – Rack room; Jeans – Calvin Klein thrifted]

Ohhh I’m sad to look at these picture nows! I have since ruined this dress (I tucked it under to wear as a shirt here). I tried to add some pleats. & well it didn’t work out exactly right. I need to get back to it. I’m sure something can be done to save it, just have to think about it.

[Tube – super ancient, I don’t remember; Converse of course; Shorts – Steve & Barry’s]

I wore this to hang out at the apt & run a few errands. Got to tell you! These shorts, I haven’t fit in them in TWO YEARS! hi, I’m Jazmyn & I am deliriously happy!

[Skirt – NY&Co; Heels – Walmart; White Tank – Old Navy; Lace tank – TJ MAXX $9]

You can tell I was feeling like a rocker chick huh? I wore this lace tank to the concert the friday before (I think this was Monday) it’s really hot. I wish I had the guts to only wear it with a black bra (at another show, of course! NOT work!)

[Dress – Goody’s; Flats – Target; Scarf – Liberty of London for Target $3; Necklaces – Vintage; Earrings – Body Shop]

Loved loved LOVED this outfit. Lovin the black, white, & color still as you can see!

[Jeans – TJ Maxx; Heels – Rack Room; Shirt – Old Navy; Belt – Thrifted $1; Scarf – Target $3; Purse (finally saying hello) – Old Navy $15

Well I wore this on Friday to finalize MY NEW JOB!!! Yes yes yes. But that story has to wait til later. Let’s just look at my clothes (mwuahahaha I’m a teaseeeeee)

[Dress – Target; Sandals – My gmas; Vest – Charlotte Russe; Beanie – Target]

Wore this today to go see Letters to Juliet with my mama. SOOO GOOD! Destiny is wonderful. & they’re right, in love, it’s never too late! 🙂

oh & btw. where I take my outfit pics… yeah I’m always scared the floor is going to fall out from under me. This picture doesn’t even really show you. Nor does it give you the feeling of movement that it does to me. Yikes!


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