Kisses & kiss offs

5 Aug

Kisses –

My new job!!! I wish I could tell you the details but they have to stay underwraps for a bit until everything is finalized & I get my real position. Then I can tell you the crazy luck that brought it to me & what I’ll be doing 🙂

& further on my job (which I can tell you is at Mt Vernon restaurant, a swanky place), I told you the first night I got a feast of grouper. Well my second night, a cute boy (who happens to be from my home town in FL! small world!) made me my very own GIGUNDO MASTERPIECE of strawberry shortcake. I took it down so fast that I even surprised myself! I’m his biggest fan.

Anthony’s family. His sister Andra wrote me right after I posted that note about him on FB. Very sweet & very touching. A huge surprise was actually the friend request from his Ex Wife. She obviously never liked me much & we never talked when at shared functions for the kids. I wrote her immediately, admitted I was surprised, but appreciative to keep updated on the kids. She wrote me a few very touching things about how much the kids talked about me & loved me when I was with Anthony & then how allie was so excited to see me at his service. Really, truly means A LOT.

My tattoo artist. I called yesterday to schedule touch ups. “Who was the artist” “One was duffy & the other Shawn” “Well Shawn isn’t here any longer, but this is Duffy so I can do both” “Duffy hey you did my stargirl I don’t know if you remember” “Jazmyn!!!” Do I rock or what? Memorableness all up in this girl!

To Bob (my favorite coworker) who just told me I had obviously toned up & lost some weight!!!! (which in case you forgot is 9lbs!!!!)

My mom – who loaned me 40 bucks today so I didn’t have to return my new cute SIZE TWO skirt before I get paid tomorrow.

again on my new job, we get paid every week!!! So as long as I’m working both I get lots of money EVERY WEEK! how lovely. so lovely.

The granny orthopedic shoe insoles I bought yesterday for my new job. Feetsies still hurt, but nothing like the first night!!

Richard (another coworker) who has very nicely taught me all kinds of things on Aloha to use at my new job.


weird dreams. Last night one centered around a shirt I loaned out that I have not seen the return of & stumbling onto my exes wedding. I was genuinely happy for him & thought his lady was PERFECT for him but no one believed me! ughhh! frustrating!

Road construction at 5pm. I understand all you gents have a job to do, but could you kindly do it when I don’t have MY job to get to? Thanks.

My boss today who has the bad habit of treating me like one of his children. Jerk.

I’m waiting for my tattoo touchups now. This post has been trying to be since about 10 this morning. Sheesh.

After this I have my standing Thursday date but honestly after the few days of non stop work I’ve been doing & the INSANE storm outside I may just go home & pass out. We’ll see.



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