Sunday Monday Fun days

24 Aug

Fun times!

I’m on a 2 hour break from work. Was supposed to be off at 3 but they decided they wanted me back πŸ™‚ WAHOOOO overtime!

Speaking of overtime, I was given yesterday off because I already had “wayyyyy too much overtime” of course that’s what THEY think. You can never have too much overtime in my opinion πŸ™‚

Sunday I went shopping with my mama (spent way too much money but was happy with the tiny sizes I was collecting : ), saw the gparents, ate crazy appetizers at Public House, pitcher of sangria, $20 for 20 minutes of Dinner For Shmucks, margaritas at Chili’s, & fun times.

Yesterday, I am quite sure was the best Monday I’ve had in the 3 years since I graduated college. Nice to have one off. Even nicer is how I filled my time….

I got some lovin’, got waffle house for breakfast, scooter rides all day, did productive things, visited my mama, scored some killer vinyls, ate frozen yogurt, met the boys bff’s, was fed yumminess, cuddled, watched Super Bad & The Girl with the Dragon tatto (HILARIOUS & so fucking badass respectively), drank some beers, made a walmart run, bought a “Get Er Done” hoody to keep me warm late at night on the scooter, & had the most epic nap with John Mayer playing in my ear. Swoon.

Now it’s time for a nap before back to work, then to have that “You’re great & I’ve had a great time sort of dating you, but theres a guy I actually want to pursue something with… sooo… sorry” chit chat, & then more lovin. Sheesh. Busyiness.

Here are some pictures that I think tell the story.

I once posted about a Breakfast at Tiffany’s vinyl I had seen at a vintage store in Athens, GA that I missed out on. I seriously kicked myself in the ass over it. Well… dundundun

The boy & I found it in a random DIY fashion store downtown. & only FIVE DOLLARS. Gah he’s good vinyl luck.

As for my sweetass hoody, I was going to buy a black one, but once I am dared or challenged, I go for it. Camo it was.

New dress from Marshalls πŸ™‚

More smores!

I’ve been failing at outfit pictures lately…

But today’s outfit. Everyone is loving my necklace!

[skirt – NY&Co; Shirt – Old Navy; Shoes – Walmart; Necklace – F21]


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