all twitterpated.

31 Aug

Well well well

Workin all the time. Spendin free time with the boy.

Met his mama yesterday. Pretty classic, I was waiting for him to come back after class to spring meeting the grandparents on him. So slyly I’m like “heyyyy so what are we doing today” & he comes back with “well my mom really wants to meet you” “cool then after we’re going to my grandparents!” haha. We called it family day.

His mom took our picture (which I need to get since all I’m posting are creepy stalker pics of his back on here lol) & then when we got to my grandma’s she pulls out the camera too! Obviously we look good together. < / narcisism >

My grandma is SMITTEN with him. Calls him “SOS” because I taught her the saying “Sex on a stick” hahaha. yes this is my family. She just kept wanting to hug him & kept saying “ohhh he’s so cute! one more hug!” 😀

We were planning on going to look at doggies but the shelter was closed 😦 so instead we got tequila, margarita mix, & rented Date Night. good times!

hmmm what else what else? just lots of scooter rides & fancy food for moi! happy kid.

Mom & I shopped A WHOLE LOT this weekend & I spent more than I should have. but DAMN I got good stuff! I got 4 pairs of shoes on Sunday that I can’t wait to show you. I can’t help but buy heels these days now that I can’t wear them everyday. It’s so depressing.

I also got a TON of skirts from the thrift store & possibly my most favorite thrift purchase yet…


these gloves are amazing! Kmart of all places! 10 bucks!

This outfit was really cute & comfy despite the awkward pose! ready to get my thrift on!

This is me reading in the boys “panther” bed while he got fresh. Reading “Kitchen Confidential” it’s a requirement for dating him. But it works for me because I already had a crush on Anthony Bourdain & he happens to be a super great writer.

This is an example of the yummy food I have brought home for me. This plate of deliciousness was topped with a pink rose too! Notice I didn’t get a picture of that however. Gah fat kid. Those are the best grits I have EVER had & let me tell you I love me some grits. Parmesan oh I do love you!

Thats your funny for the day. If you know the history of my last relationship, that is like the greatest tweet ever. His mom was really cool too. Still a few more crazy tests before I go for facebook officialness, but I passed the mom facebook stalking, & he laughed through my grandma’s “dooflinky” & “kicked out of church” stories, so it’s lookin pretty good friends….

Now for the best picture I have ever bestowed upon you bloggy. Here is the hot boy in PINK SHORTS (I have always had a thing for guys in pink. It usually takes me an entire relationship to get a guy to wear a pink shirt, of which I generally buy for them. My grandpa even wears one for me on my birthday every year, I tell you its a thing) and he’s TAKING OUT MY TRASH. oh heart be still.


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