Tales of Love & Food

7 Sep

My heart is in like, my stomach is in love.

sept 005

[ skirt – thrifted; Shirt – Old Navy; Shoes – Walmart; Belt – w/ target dress ]

sept 006sept 003

sept 010sept 009

[ Shirt – Forever21; pants – NY&Co; Shoes – Kmart (hurt like MOTHERFUCKERS!); Headband – Target ]

ex: of beatup poor pitiful feetsies (pics don’t even do justice to the redness of the RAW skin)

sept 090sept 013

sept 002sept 001

[ skirt – thrifted; tank – NY&Co; Shoes – Target; NEcklace – Vintage; New Purse – Charming Charlies ]

sept 014sept 011

NOTE: that is a legit phone call & a legit “Booger thinks he is more important than everything” moment.

wore my shirt as a dangerously short dress but eventually bailed on my friend at the last minute. Just didn’t feel like being out & stuck out.

sept 055

So I made up a lame excuse & then sent him a sadface picture to show I was “bummed.” yes, I know I’m going to hell.

sept 015sept 016sept 019

Wore this out Sunday shopping with my mama where I snagged a new MAC lipstick, leggings, 2 belts, 2 dresses, & stuff I know I’m forgetting….

[ floral scarf – shop in Savannah GA; blue scarf – dollar store; belt – thrifted; jeans – target; tank – Old Navy; Blue Suede Heels (been on the hunt for almost 2 years – Kmart ]

My mom also dyed my hair Friday night. Not sure if you can see the change in the pics, but it looks awesome! Just highlighted the ends.

sept 006

sept 039sept 004

This would be the boy last night scootering shirtless in the freezing cold wind. On our way back from my 6 margaritas at Chili’s, my short shorts were too short for the cold wind. The boy instead of stopping at my apt as it was on the way to his to get sweatpants, he made me take his shirt. hahaha. made me laugh the whole ride.

sept 100

Feast your eyes on my first official designer dress. This dress was made for me. I had an armful of dresses at Belk to try on, picked my fitting room, shut the door & my oh my what do we have but a vintage shift/apron-esque Lily Pulitzer dress in my size four, originally $200 dress (which eventually rang up at 25!) dress that has recycle signs & words like “The Queen of Green”. Hello, come to mommy.

sept 017

The creme brulee we’ve already discussed.

sept 030

This was my sexy getup Friday night. The boys flannel pj pants, my bird shirt, & my camo hoody. You should know I wore this out as well.

sept 067

Saturday morning brunch at City Cafe! yummm.

sept 001

Cheesy grits for lunch at work! I totally ate the insides of those rolls, then I stuffed them with the grits, and then stuffed them into my mouth. ohhh yeahhhh.

sept 044

Turkey Croquette snuck at work.

sept 012

the boss brought this one to me. We sat & ate together. We do that a lot. I’m special.

sept 028

The boy cooked a big feast for me Idontrememberwhichday & it was crazy fancy & yum! I chose “thai” & he ran with it just like we watched on Top Chef šŸ™‚

sept 047

crazy dumpling ravioli things. Something like egg roll wrappers with mushroom-something puree inside. ohmygodgoodness.

sept 094

Crazy-delicious thai-inspired meal courtesy of the hot boy.

sept 022

HE MADE ME MY STICKY RICE! He listens. He delivers. He makes it extra delicious. Swoon.

sept 034

White cheddar mac & cheese at work.

sept 021

On display closing dessert. hehehe. Chocolate Meringue pie!

sept 015

creep snaps at work. Just so you get an idea of what I see.

sept 037

sept 008

The pic his mama took when I met her. Hopefully we are more photogenic together in the future.

sept 029

Genghis Grill! He had never been but got that same “I am going to explode at any second I just ate so much fucking food” feeling that all the regular fans get.

sept 050

The insanely delicious omelette the boy threw together while I was in the shower this morning. He decided to make me breakfast & I alerted him I only had eggs. Well he managed to work in this crazy dip I’m obsessed with (& had in my fridge for who knows how long, but I survived it!) & a salsa he had made for me a while ago. Insanely delicious. Though I would eat anything that included that dip. yummmmmm.

Sunday we went on a double scooter date with his work friend & his wife. Lots of fun! We rode up Signal Mtn & then grabbed Thai food. (so much thai!) I wore a really cute outfit that I unfortunately never snagged a pic of, But it’s definitely something I’ll end up repeating. IF the weather doesn’t chill up too fast.

Today we BBQed with the couple friend’s again, played corn hole & watched a movie. Chill & nice.

(NOTE! It should be apparent, but I have no clue the timeline of these, really. Nor do I have the energy to try to figure it out tonight. it’s 4am.)

which brings me to a serious note…. I think I’m self sabotaging. If a boy has everything that you loved about your ex AND has everything you had always wished your ex had, ANDDDD makes you fucking creme brulee, why the fuck won’t you confirm your facebook relationship status? I’m having issues with this. Day 2 is ok but if I keep being a girl I could end up pissing him off. It’s already becoming a strange topic of flippant remarks. Not sure if my procrastination/apprhension is a defense mechanism or if I’ve just found too much fun these last 3 months in dating around. I definitely have a boyfriend right now but it’s a weird sentence to say out loud. Am I even making sense? This is only the 3rd night in the three weeks we’ve been seeing each other that we’ve slept apart. All 3 at my request/demand. Yet now I can’t sleep. What gives?!

I’m done babbling. Work in 6 hours.


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