Play that funky music

8 Sep

Last night… oh last night! I always have myself some adventures!

Mac took me out to the restaurant he works at (where I can happily slurp down cosmos & bloody marys) & Bowling! We saw his work buddy there who said his wife was bored at home. So we called her up for bowling. Mistake. That damn couple is good at everything. I at least came in 2nd for the first game (yay girls on top!).

sept 111

We played in the arcade for a second where I tried to demonstrate my mad skills on the light game. I won enough tickets on a dollar to buy us each some candy & vamp fangs. haha.

on a trip to the bathroom I discover that the joint had a karaoke bar! In the bowling alley! & Tuesday is one of the 3 nights they do it. It was occupied by a bunch of awesome self-declared “drunk rednecks” that have been going every Tuesday for SEVEN years we found out. Man they were a good time. Mac & I did Sonny & Cher’s “I got you babe” which was both terribly frightening & awesome. (I was a karaoke virgin!) but I always sensed that would be my first song.

sept 106

Our new bff in the group Tony invited us out to a bar when the one we were at was closing at midnight. I was all about going but even the bowling alley bar was 21+. She asked for our IDs immediately & when I said I was 20 but asked to stay she said I could listen for a minute then I’d have to leave. Mac started a tab & she left us alone for 2 hours 🙂 I wasn’t so sure about a BAR bar, but I confessed to them & they said “oh you’ll be fiiiiine. 1) it’s a dive 2) we go every week just come with us” & well they were right. We walk in & the server asks what I’ll be havin.

sept 108

I promised our bff Tony that I’d duet Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow’s “Picture” but whilst trying to show us a party trick, he swallowed a cigarette. No shit. My whole body hurt so bad from laughing at him. The song was out at that point. He fell asleep in his chair.

sept 110

The girl of the group, Candy (not pictured) who was hilarious & had the urge to pole dance, A LOT pulled me aside as soon as we arrived at the second bar to give me a “talk” basically saying “what we do on Tuesdays doesn’t get talked about outside. My business is my business & you seem cool but I think you’ll be around again & you should know this” Then we cheers’ed & she gave me a lemon drop. I later found out why exactly that was a necessary talk, but it was hilarious none the less.

Mac & I danced a lot at Tony’s demand & were also voted the best looking couple (which we took even if it was an obvious choice at such an establishment ; )

sept 109

we happened to walk out on our tab accidentally. (whoops)

but we can make it better NEXT Tuesday 🙂 I’m addicted! Yay adventures!


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