Lovely weekend

19 Sep

Another weekend!

I couldn’t disconnect from my mama & found myself shopping BOTH days of my glorious weekend. Saturday we took my G-ma out to get a few things. I ended up finding a lot of things. A fancy cup for work, brown flats, camo pants (oh yes I did), a new red bell hat, nail polish, & amazing velvet hangers (more on those another time!)

Now the outfit I wore….

I had to wear some height on my feetsies. These black wedges were purchased in last weekends JcPenney’s bonanza. Man they’re comfortable! You’ll see I wore them Sunday as well. The skirt was a great find, it’s from a target collection a few years ago, I have a dress from it that I adore.

I found this skirt at the Thrift store with original tags still attached! Score! Original tags: $26,99, thrift store tag: $6.88, %50 off at thrift store: 3 bucks & change. Hollaaa!

Boyfriend was adorable while I was getting ready, I had him stranded at my place (as I picked him up downtown at 5am… bit of a story) & as he chose to sleep in, I was making a shit ton of noise when he sleepily looks up “Your skirt is on fire” & lays back down passed out (which for a longer run on sentence, I have to tell you I have the most precious picture of, but I shall spare you & him both).

[ skirt – thrifted as you know; shoes – JcPenneys; Tank – Target; Jacket – Charlotte Russe; Coffee – hipster & essential; purse – Charming Charlies ]

I babysat twice this week, the second time was a dream that involved being greeted by half asleep children at 645 that passed out at 730, I sat down to watch my very favorite show that I never get to see, The Rachel Zoe Project!!! All I have to say is BANANAS. I got paid 60 bucks to watch 5 episodes & eat pie. All 60 bucks of which I spent on Sunday at the Antique mall.

Dressed like this:

The amount of compliments I received on my look was so surprising & wonderfully encouraging. Strangers can be so sweet! (as well as my mama). A few months ago I cut this dress from this sack…

1June2010 033

The trip was beyond score as you can see here:

unpictured: another amazing vinyl score… BARRY WHITE!! CANT GET ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE!!! (all caps necessary)

I was also inspired & came up with TWO potential Halloween costumes!!! (provided boyfriend doesn’t commit to my more than amazing & epic couple costume idea)

First possible costume clue you can see here (it’s one of them!):

Second possible costume clue….:

I know. You’re totally lost.

We’ll see what gets to happen.

I also found two of my dreamiest dream items..

Exhibit one:

The yellow car I SHOULD be driving:

Exhibit Two:

the furniture piece from my home in heaven:

its beyond amazing. Fully restored. Sounds gorgeous. Gah gah gah!!!

actually, my mama just told me that depending on her quote from the mechanic on her car this week, she may just go snap it up for me as an early christmas present!!!! DIEEEEEEEE! It’d take me forever to save the change for that beauty. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m gonna go sell my soul to Volkswagon so they don’t rip her off 😉

After the antique mall we were off to the East Ridge flea market to meet up with a gal I work with. She was going to buy a new Pendulum. Crazy business. I don’t have the finger strength to explain. But after all that fun we were able to cruise around to stumble upon my friend Kalyn & spot Pimp Daddy Joe…

You are always a pleasure East Ridge!

In other news, boyfriend & I are going to get tattoos next week… I really really want a heart as seen here:

You know.. “heart on your sleeve” I want it so bad! Not sure I have the balls for it though. Sweaters forever from that day forward til a little baby pops out of me & I can stay home with pink hair.

My ex was right – so not over the tattoos. mwuahahaa.

stay tuned



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