Silly rabbit, trix are for kids!

26 Sep

ALAN: omg.

ME: What?

ALAN: What’s on your feet?

ME: What?!

ALAN: Ew. Honey you’re wearing white after labor day.

ME: Damn you gay men. Stop policing me.

ALAN: It’s not just you. I’d tell Lady Gaga the same thing.

ME: *snorts*

(conversation with one of my favorite servers. I may have knocked my halo crooked with this one, but when I started he said I was very “SJP.” Obviously one of my favorite compliments of all time)

Ever since this little interaction at work I’ve noticed I’ve been wearing my white flats QUITE often… šŸ™‚

oh well. I don’t follow any silly rules.

Hate to start with such a slowchy outfit/hair-do, but this was a morning where I was hungover & peacefully sleeping at my man’s house when I get a “Jasss-meeen!Ā  Jasss-meeen! Jasss-meeen! (my manager is cuban & thickly accented) Emergency fire. Jasss-meeen! are you there? Please call, I need you in” voicemail. Too funny. I busted ass to get ready & get back out the door to make some money honey!

[ Skirt – J crew; can’t recall tank or sweater. fail. ]

[ dress – had for ages; belt – NY&Co; Sweater – Walmart ]

taking a cue from Idee Geniale; another way I’ve worn this dress.

By far a favorite new outfit. The skirt I had picked up earlier in the day at that killer JCPenney $2.97 sale, orig $59! no shit.

[ skirt – JC Penney; Ruffle Shirt & Vest – Charlotte Russe ]

[ Skirt – NY&Co; Tank & scarf – Target ]

You can’t tell in these pictures but this belt came with this dress & has great pieces of pattern that prompted me to make this combination.

[ Skirt – thrifted; Belt – with TJ Maxx Dress; Top – Target ]

This was my costume change for work after this Saturday… just switched the denim for my fave blazer & put on those whities for my required flats.

[ skirt – target thrifted; blazer – walmart; tank – target ]

Everyone complimented my shirt here.. little did they know it was a dress! Totally a trick stolen from Bright Sided Dweller.

[ dress/shirt – thrifted; skirt – thrifted; black necklace as bracelet – walmart; white bracelet – hot topic ]

We know how much I love my orange necklace!

I originally tried to tie the yellow shoes into the belt (another that came with a dress) but it wasn’t working for me. The white shoes didn’t seem so white when I paired them with my new white skirt & tank. I was running slow already in the morning but I took some windex to them & was SOOO happy I made the switch!

[ skirt – Jc Penneys; belt – with F21 dress; tank – Target ]

Moral of the story: Fashion has rules, style doesn’t.

also, I need to go pick up another pair of these flats – only 5 bucks at wally world! Clearly they’re ridiculously worth it in price-per-wear for me



Bonus snort-worthy Alan comment:

my friend (who is also my bf’s sister) came into work for a to go order a few weeks ago….

ME: Don’t forget to tip the hostess

KALYN: hey I got you a boyfriend.


ALAN: So what did you steal that bitch’s boyfriend?

ME: no, her brother.

ALAN: what? her brother? crazy rednecks!!

(his tone helped this make my day)


Harry Bradshaw is home & he has a thing for jumping on my computer. This post took a REALLY long time. I think he just wanted to say “hi”.


One Response to “Silly rabbit, trix are for kids!”

  1. Chris R September 28, 2010 at 1:27 am #

    You are always dressed so nice, great outfits and you always look so classy. Miss ya Jaz..xxoo

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