Mustard Beret

29 Sep

Another weekend of shopping!

Sunday involved Belk & dresses AGAIN, Target for RACHEL ZOE (still dying), the MAC makeup counter and then a tarot reading! Fun times – oh yes!

This was my get up..

rainy weekend called for boots. Got a lot of compliments on my hat & made a friendship with a MAC boy over it all.

[ boots – Rave (had them for YEARS!); shorts – Miley Cryrus (lol) for Walmart; Shirt – Target I think; blazer – Walmart; Beret – Target ]

Scored this great dress:

Originally $118. Jaz price of $14.97. Oh yes. The zipper goes the entire length of the dress in the back. It’s amazing. I wore it yesterday to work & got a ton of compliments. The zipper worried my manager a bit. Not sure why. But there were a lot of cuban “ohh myyy goodness” exclamations. No clue.

Now the end all be all of amazingness….

I scored THE shoes. THEEEEEE shoes. Remember?


They aren’t the exact ones, obviously. But they’re from the same collection. Also they went from $150 & $200 to $11.97. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I’ve wanted them for over a year & this feels so so sweet!

When we got home I attempted to get actual outfit shots outside of a fitting room. I included Harry but unfortunately he isn’t used to the system yet…

Harry walking away…

admiring the trash…

Getting tangled…

Almost getting run over….


oh except for my hat looking stupid….

But he did want me to show proof that he is incredibly photogenic when casual. This modeling thing, not so much.


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