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Halloweenie Pt 2

31 Oct

I wore this little getup to run around town trying to collect the goods for my halloween costume. Not sure how I’m feeling about my costume right now. Hopefully everything just needs to come together & the blood needs to be drawn. mwuahaha. fingers crossed.


Remember when I said the hoody I wore to carve my pumpkin was super awesome?



& if it were dark… I’d be glowing! oh yeah! shazam.

[ hoody – walmart (boys); boots – target; skirt – wet seal (I think. million yrs old!); tank – target ]


Now for work… they are SUPER strick about anything outside of conservative & frown upon anything more than the girls wearing a halloween pin or earrings. But I just can’t let Hallows Eve slip by unnoticed at work! & I definitely don’t have anymore orange.

It was definitely a hit. Which was good because I was shy at the beginning – just waiting for the manager to say “no no no Jas-meeeeeen”

[ skirt – thrifted; shirt – walmart $7; shoes – walmart; belt – forgotten…; hat – from an old skank costume I bought & have never worn ]

But alas I was “Cute”

& so many adorable old men told me stories of when they were sailors. Which was beyond cute & sweet.

MAN: Is your boyfriend a sailor?

ME: No sir. I’m just paying homage to all the boys

MAN: Back in my day (btw he’s wearing a “Marines” cap) if we saw a sailor out in that kind of hat at a bar & we were lookin for a fight we’d say “got any ice cream mister?” I was really daring back in my day

ME: Well I think Marines can pretty much say whatever they want

MAN: you sure are right. at least until they’re married!



Stay tuned for the OFFICIAL costume!




Halloweenie Pt 1

30 Oct

I’m going to get myself all screwed up on the chronology of my posts now but fuck it. Halloween is here & my halloween awesome-ness won’t have that BIG BANG a week later.

We’re starting off easy with my Friday work attire.

This is simply a recognition of the holiday. Both a customer & the owner said I was “halloween: the classy side” hahaha.

The jacket was only worn for these pictures & my walk into work. But man this baby has come in handy! I bought if for pennies a few years ago at a thrift store & after not wearing it for years, when I was going to get rid of it, I was told I would be attending the big football game on NYE last year. UTK was playing & they are very very orange. The boyfriend at the time hated it, but I was SO ECSTATIC to wear it.

Now again I wear it for “classy halloween”. Not sure when I’ll be wearing it again, as it is powerfully “pumpkin” but I’m sure another perfect opportunity will show itself in the next few years.

[ dress & flats – target; necklace – walmart; jacket – thrifted (vintage) ]

Then Friday NIGHT

I raced home, took out Harry & my mommy’s dog & raced over to my friends house. (she’s the wife of Mac’s favorite co-worker) we decided to get gussied up together for the Masquerade party their restaurant was throwing.

We ended up winning the mask contest! Not a ton of people had masks & they definitely didn’t go all snazzy like we did! It was down to being between the two of us for top place but I had to point out that Kat MADE her mask (my mama picked mine up for me) So we placed appropriately & walked away with a bartender kit & a million key chains from the weird Chartreuse liquor that sponsored the party.

I say success.

I had asked my mom to keep an eye out for a mask as I was working crazy hours & would have NO TIME to shop for one or make one. She sent me a few pics in the store & I immediately fell in love with this one. The cool thing is that I already had that dress there that matched the feather SO INSANELY PERFECTLY (so insanely perfectly that I talk like a 12 yr old!) yay!! go me! go mom!

[ dress – Gadzooks; hookboots –; Jacket (has sparkle thread!) – Old Navy (thrifted); mask – walgreens; bag – walmart! ]

Super fun night!

Now I’m off to work in a sortof costume & then racing to finish up the details on Mac & my’s costumes & then off to the Boneyard Boogie! Talk to you tomorrow




30 Oct

Feast your eyes on my dreamy new longtime coveted yellow jacket!!!! I blogged about yellow jackets at the beginning of all this. Sunday, I found it! The only yellow jacket in all of Old Navy – in MY SIZE! on sale! $49! LOVE!

I wore it on another off Monday (the last of its kind for who knows how long :[ ). Had lunch with my mom, saw Dinner for Shmucks with the boy at the cheap theater & got my half priced wine at PHouse as per usual.

I was so happy to wear those heels. I bought them RIGHT before I quit my office job & hadn’t had an opportunity to wear them on any off time until today. My instinct said boots, but then I caught these in my mind & couldn’t let them go!

[ bag & jeans – thrifted; heels – TJMaxx; Jacket & white tank – Old Navy; earrings – goody’s ]

Sunday is a guarantee

29 Oct

I felt really good about this outfit but then it faded throughout the day.

Looking back I like it again… anybody else do this?

[ shorts – Steve & Barry’s; Hat – Walmart; Sneaks – Converse customized by moi; jacket – NY&Co; Shirt – Victoria’s Secret ]

I wore this out to go snag the lamps I had been eyeing at my boss’s “attic sale”

His wife gave me a KILLER DEAL!

10 BUCKS!!!! 10 BUCKS!!! for both. Vintage perfection. The shades need work but I’m in the process of painting them. Before & afters to come.

After that my mama & I did a bit of shopping

& we came home to find her dog had turned into a BANANA! yikes on the cuteness.

I did a quick costume change to go have a lunch reunion with one of my favorite guys on the planet. My partner in crime in college, we tried the whole dating thing a long time ago, we failed, then we rendezvoused with each other while in other relationships, then we both got into serious ones, & shockingly hadn’t seen each other since last year’s halloween blow out.

We realized this at the same time & decided to make it right.

As for my outfit. Well it had to be cute of course, but it had to be casual, not trying too hard… etc

but I really didn’t put that much thought into it. I swear! really!

[ boots & skirt – old navy (picked up the skirt same day only 4 bucks!; shirt – Victoria’s secret; jacket – charlotte russe ]

& after THAT

boyfriend & I carved our pumpkins!

**please note my hoody GLOWS IN THE DARK & also has a full zip hood that covers my face with the skull. yes it is beyond awesome. Thank you mommy**

& we clearly have two very different emotions carved…

I’m still enjoying the yummy pumpkin seeds!

I love Sundays!!

Cupcake from heaven

28 Oct

I can’t bring myself to cut & resize these since Saturday’s afternoon sunshine was making me look all angelic. haha

[ dress & cardy – target; shoes – walmart; earrings – made by moi ]

The whole outfit was planned around my little cupcake earrings that I made earlier in the day.

But I can’t take too much credit. I really just put charms on earrings – but HEY! everybody loved them 😛

Mommy & me

27 Oct

Got some of the pics from my mommy-daughter photoshoot. These two are our immediate favorites (probably because we look like rockstars)

*fun fact: there was a car coming towards us – hence my awesome expression*

black, brown, & spotted

26 Oct


I love to throw everybody for a GIANT loop & wear pants once every few months. It’s so funny the way it astonishes everyone.

Truth be told, I hadn’t shaved my legs since my massage the Friday before (shameful!)

[ pants – walmart; scarf – southeastern salvage; oxfords – target; tube top – gadzooks (back in the day!!); cardigan – goody’s ]

Then off to PHouse for Thursday night dancin!

[ boyfriend jeans & black jacket – NY&Co; wedges – target ]

oh! & my first go at Absynthe! Very VERY licorice-y drink. Bleh.

The way they prepare it is AWESOME. They had this gorgeous fountain of water that slowly drips onto a raw sugar cube held over the absynthe. I had to keep watering mine down, & I may have also stolen another sugar cube & I may have also then given the last swig to the boy, but I TRIED IT!

We met a super awesome dude that was next to me at the bar. He created one of those traveling journals. One that he calls a “lost journal”

TOTALLY one of my kind of people!

It had a ton written in this journal already…

I added a note & my all time favorite poem since I was 9…

&Mac added a quote from the stupid movie “Get Him to The Greek”

but he wears the cuuuuutest sweaters..

oh & I shamelessly documented my good hair night myspace style in the bathroom….