Milkmaid braids

3 Oct


Hip hip hooray!!!

Even though some bee-yatch hacked two inches off my hair a few weeks ago when I said “an itty bitty teeny tiny – barely a trim at all – trim,” I can finally do the milkmaid braids! Now I feel like an official style blogger (all my faves have been rocking the look forever). I’ve been painfully wishing my hair long for MONTHS so I could do this style.

Too bad we’re oh-so quickly moving into chilly weather where I’ll want to use my hair as an extra scarf. sadface.

oh well, still happy!

This development is a lovely result of me currently without anything to do. This is the first of TWO CONSECUTIVE days off. I really don’t even know how to express my glee over this.

So far I’ve cleared a ton off my google reader, lots of laundry, & lots of walks with Harry Bradshaw.

Later there shall be a picnic with the boy & a longggg scooter ride! I can’t wait to use my super awesome picnic backpack. It’s been a long time coming.

Ta – ta for now!


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