Look mom! I can fly!

12 Oct

So those biscuits

they became heart shaped!

& they were yumzilla.

after, he made me deviled eggs (one of my favorite things ever!)

& he even used my spinach dip! god I love that stuff!!

We played Jenga (he loses EVERY SINGLE time 😛 )

& then, Sunday we woke up to go ZIPLINING!

You know how I feel about themes. I rocked more camo, hunting aviators, & yellow. I mean if I fell into the wilderness in camo, no one would find me! hahaha.

This is the boy looking at me like I’m ridiculous after I explained that I have a “good side”

We went to Historic Banning Mills.

They had a GORGEOUS lodge.

Pretty couple in the pretty lodge. I already told you about my lack of modesty for us. ;P


Can you tell I was pretty stoked?

They have the HIGHEST zipline in North America! fuck yeah.

All the sights were gorgeous too!

there was more work involved than you’d think! we all woke up sore the next day!

I am much whiter than I thought…

Always a tree hugger!

My mom is awesome. She also partook in the camo trend, & hers was UFC on top of that! badass.

Sleeeeeepy boy on the way home!

The end. Harry needs to pee & I need sleep!



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