Tiny bubbles in the wine

14 Oct

Monday Funday!

For a while I was getting Mondays off. It was glorious considering we’re closed on Sundays. A two day weekend?? Oh yes!

However, that quickly changed.

It changed until last week, when I was teased with the deliciousness yet again.

Only to be working this Monday.

Which happened to be Columbus Day.

Which happened to also be the day every office is closed – so no one is going out to lunch – so there is a dead restaurant for Jazmyn to frolick.

I tried to make the most of it with a lady look…

One of my favorite girls sang me “Blue Jean Baby Queen, Prettiest Thing I ever seen” throughout the day.

(& joy, now that I’ve typed it out it’s stuck in my head again!)

[ dress – thrifted; shoes & necklace – walmart; flower pin – vintage thrifted ]

I strapped a vintage broach on my walmart faux pearls.

After work it was time to change to hit up the new bar at my boy’s place of work for HALF PRICE BOTTLES.

uh oh.

[ jeans, black tank & black jacket – NY&Co; shoes & striped tank – JCPEnneys; Beret – Target ]

He wore the cutest outfit everrrr. It was like those mannequins I used to see in Fossil or JCrew that would make me say to myself “Gosh I wish guys actually dressed like that”

bada-bing! I win.

Why it’s a creeper shot… I’m not sure. I got super drunksty.

Because there was wine…

& “bubble wine” AKA CHAMPAGNE!!!

It’s what my blood is made of!

then the night quickly ended with drunk face…

The end.



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