Grey skies are gonna clear up

21 Oct

Saturday I woke up early to head to a MASSAGE! Wooooo. Never had I ever before had a LEGIT massage. Lucky for me, one of the boys at work is in school to be a Massage Therapist (NOTE: NOT a massuease. That implies sexual favors as I’ve been lectured.)

I pretty much went in my jammies knowing that first we were doing stretches, & then I’d be getting nekkid. I really loved this outfit though! I will definitely be repeating soon.

[ leggings – Walmart; Boots – Target (down from 36 to 17); Tank – NY& Co; Sweater – Target Thrifted; Purse – Charming Charlies (still! I love it!) ]

For work that night I slid into a pretty form fitting dress I scored at Ross weeks ago. I was a little worried about it before I headed out the door. Not a dress I can pick dropped things up in. lol.

No worries in the end. It wasn’t inappropriate, just cause for some male comments. (was that too narcissistic a way to say that..? : ) I did get some genuine comments from girls too though 😛

The pictures don’t do it justice, but Harry had a little to do with that…

JUMPING at me…

& Being sweet, but still spastic…


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