22 Oct

On Sunday I FINALLY wrapped up my mommy’s Birthday present. All she wanted for her birthday were pictures of her & I together.

Well her birthday was in June. Yes, we’re in October. It was a fail on the backs of A LOT of people.

First photographer couldn’t give me a price.

Second photographer was set up & mom came back from her b-day trip feeling heavy.

Reschedule #2 found me broke.

Then I had to switch photographers

Which brought me to Skye Blair.

Reschedule #2 because I wanted to catch more fall colors.

TA-DA! finally in the middle of October we felt like models!

The girls were precious & from the one preview I’ve received, I LOVE THE RESULT!

My mom even likes it. For her, that is a miracle! She’s such a pain in the ass (love you mommy)

After our little photo rendezvous we headed to target where I picked up this super cute fedora for 3 bucks!

[ Again an outfit pretty much entirely from target. That include dress, hat & boots. The jacket is my trusty Charlotte Russe. ]

Shopping had to come to an end because I had a hot date with my man & his parents. His mama cooked us dinner & we four played Monopoly. Good times! I think this is the complete opposite of my last relationship. I approve.

His mama made DEEEELICIOUS potato soup that I scarfed up. (but then again it’s impossible for me to hate on anything with potatoes)

No matter it’s original deliciousness, my chef decided to doctor it up when we got back to his place.


Just a little FYI: White Truffle Oil is god’s gift to food & tummies. It makes every yummy thing 38462375326423432 times yummier! Swear it. I think I might… just might… eat shit if it had white truffle oil in it. I kid you not.


One Response to “Mamacita”

  1. Chris R October 22, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    I see where Jazmyn gets it from…very beautiful pic ladies!

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