Girl cupcake!

23 Oct

I interrupt my regularly prescheduled posts (new thing I’ve been trying since work makes blogging hard) to show you what I like to call “The Greatest Score” in history.

So here’s the story….

The owner of the restaurant’s wife decided to have a little “attic sale” at the gallery we own next door. I got word that it included some of her mothers things that her daughter didn’t want (terribly silly girl!) as well as her bffs things & some of her heirlooms.

Roxie & I scoped out the windows Thursday….

I saw a pink tulle dream through the window….

ME: ROXIE!!! that dress is mine!
ROXIE: it looks awful tiny
ME: *glares* I will cut out ribs for that dress

Cut to Friday morning & I approach the ladies expressing my need to pre-shop asap. I went into work to Alert Jeff (owner) & he took me right over to have a look. Cindys friend Sue suggested I try it on. Into the bathroom I went to find that it was MADE for me. MADE.

I obsessed about it for the next 2 hours. Jeff was messing with me saying since I didn’t come out to model they couldn’t be sure I should have it. Agh!

He came back to ask if $10 was ok. HA!!!!!! I promptly hugged him! It has two tears that can oh so easily be fixed & my darling mama already volunteered her skills!

Feast your eyes on my birthday dress!

(the paper later came & wrote an article! )


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