black, brown, & spotted

26 Oct


I love to throw everybody for a GIANT loop & wear pants once every few months. It’s so funny the way it astonishes everyone.

Truth be told, I hadn’t shaved my legs since my massage the Friday before (shameful!)

[ pants – walmart; scarf – southeastern salvage; oxfords – target; tube top – gadzooks (back in the day!!); cardigan – goody’s ]

Then off to PHouse for Thursday night dancin!

[ boyfriend jeans & black jacket – NY&Co; wedges – target ]

oh! & my first go at Absynthe! Very VERY licorice-y drink. Bleh.

The way they prepare it is AWESOME. They had this gorgeous fountain of water that slowly drips onto a raw sugar cube held over the absynthe. I had to keep watering mine down, & I may have also stolen another sugar cube & I may have also then given the last swig to the boy, but I TRIED IT!

We met a super awesome dude that was next to me at the bar. He created one of those traveling journals. One that he calls a “lost journal”

TOTALLY one of my kind of people!

It had a ton written in this journal already…

I added a note & my all time favorite poem since I was 9…

&Mac added a quote from the stupid movie “Get Him to The Greek”

but he wears the cuuuuutest sweaters..

oh & I shamelessly documented my good hair night myspace style in the bathroom….










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