Sunday is a guarantee

29 Oct

I felt really good about this outfit but then it faded throughout the day.

Looking back I like it again… anybody else do this?

[ shorts – Steve & Barry’s; Hat – Walmart; Sneaks – Converse customized by moi; jacket – NY&Co; Shirt – Victoria’s Secret ]

I wore this out to go snag the lamps I had been eyeing at my boss’s “attic sale”

His wife gave me a KILLER DEAL!

10 BUCKS!!!! 10 BUCKS!!! for both. Vintage perfection. The shades need work but I’m in the process of painting them. Before & afters to come.

After that my mama & I did a bit of shopping

& we came home to find her dog had turned into a BANANA! yikes on the cuteness.

I did a quick costume change to go have a lunch reunion with one of my favorite guys on the planet. My partner in crime in college, we tried the whole dating thing a long time ago, we failed, then we rendezvoused with each other while in other relationships, then we both got into serious ones, & shockingly hadn’t seen each other since last year’s halloween blow out.

We realized this at the same time & decided to make it right.

As for my outfit. Well it had to be cute of course, but it had to be casual, not trying too hard… etc

but I really didn’t put that much thought into it. I swear! really!

[ boots & skirt – old navy (picked up the skirt same day only 4 bucks!; shirt – Victoria’s secret; jacket – charlotte russe ]

& after THAT

boyfriend & I carved our pumpkins!

**please note my hoody GLOWS IN THE DARK & also has a full zip hood that covers my face with the skull. yes it is beyond awesome. Thank you mommy**

& we clearly have two very different emotions carved…

I’m still enjoying the yummy pumpkin seeds!

I love Sundays!!


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