Halloweenie Pt 1

30 Oct

I’m going to get myself all screwed up on the chronology of my posts now but fuck it. Halloween is here & my halloween awesome-ness won’t have that BIG BANG a week later.

We’re starting off easy with my Friday work attire.

This is simply a recognition of the holiday. Both a customer & the owner said I was “halloween: the classy side” hahaha.

The jacket was only worn for these pictures & my walk into work. But man this baby has come in handy! I bought if for pennies a few years ago at a thrift store & after not wearing it for years, when I was going to get rid of it, I was told I would be attending the big football game on NYE last year. UTK was playing & they are very very orange. The boyfriend at the time hated it, but I was SO ECSTATIC to wear it.

Now again I wear it for “classy halloween”. Not sure when I’ll be wearing it again, as it is powerfully “pumpkin” but I’m sure another perfect opportunity will show itself in the next few years.

[ dress & flats – target; necklace – walmart; jacket – thrifted (vintage) ]

Then Friday NIGHT

I raced home, took out Harry & my mommy’s dog & raced over to my friends house. (she’s the wife of Mac’s favorite co-worker) we decided to get gussied up together for the Masquerade party their restaurant was throwing.

We ended up winning the mask contest! Not a ton of people had masks & they definitely didn’t go all snazzy like we did! It was down to being between the two of us for top place but I had to point out that Kat MADE her mask (my mama picked mine up for me) So we placed appropriately & walked away with a bartender kit & a million key chains from the weird Chartreuse liquor that sponsored the party.

I say success.

I had asked my mom to keep an eye out for a mask as I was working crazy hours & would have NO TIME to shop for one or make one. She sent me a few pics in the store & I immediately fell in love with this one. The cool thing is that I already had that dress there that matched the feather SO INSANELY PERFECTLY (so insanely perfectly that I talk like a 12 yr old!) yay!! go me! go mom!

[ dress – Gadzooks; hookboots – Amiclubwear.com; Jacket (has sparkle thread!) – Old Navy (thrifted); mask – walgreens; bag – walmart! ]

Super fun night!

Now I’m off to work in a sortof costume & then racing to finish up the details on Mac & my’s costumes & then off to the Boneyard Boogie! Talk to you tomorrow




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