Halloweenie Pt 2

31 Oct

I wore this little getup to run around town trying to collect the goods for my halloween costume. Not sure how I’m feeling about my costume right now. Hopefully everything just needs to come together & the blood needs to be drawn. mwuahaha. fingers crossed.


Remember when I said the hoody I wore to carve my pumpkin was super awesome?



& if it were dark… I’d be glowing! oh yeah! shazam.

[ hoody – walmart (boys); boots – target; skirt – wet seal (I think. million yrs old!); tank – target ]


Now for work… they are SUPER strick about anything outside of conservative & frown upon anything more than the girls wearing a halloween pin or earrings. But I just can’t let Hallows Eve slip by unnoticed at work! & I definitely don’t have anymore orange.

It was definitely a hit. Which was good because I was shy at the beginning – just waiting for the manager to say “no no no Jas-meeeeeen”

[ skirt – thrifted; shirt – walmart $7; shoes – walmart; belt – forgotten…; hat – from an old skank costume I bought & have never worn ]

But alas I was “Cute”

& so many adorable old men told me stories of when they were sailors. Which was beyond cute & sweet.

MAN: Is your boyfriend a sailor?

ME: No sir. I’m just paying homage to all the boys

MAN: Back in my day (btw he’s wearing a “Marines” cap) if we saw a sailor out in that kind of hat at a bar & we were lookin for a fight we’d say “got any ice cream mister?” I was really daring back in my day

ME: Well I think Marines can pretty much say whatever they want

MAN: you sure are right. at least until they’re married!



Stay tuned for the OFFICIAL costume!




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