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Tofurkey Day – A Classic Twist

30 Nov

Happy (late) Thanksgiving from the Boulware ladies & crew!

So we did indeed dress up! I made my shirt out of two bandanas & a strap from old ballerina type shoes 🙂

Mom made her kickass costume out of a sheet. & I made Mac’s hat out of construction paper he supplied.


It’s amazing how many people saw the facebook pictures. Random people I’m not even friends with have come up to me to tell me! One lady in the restaurant!! hahaha. Famous!

First off a corner of my lovely apartment! See the lamps on either side, the ones I got from my bosses sale! The shades still need another coat of paint, but nevertheless they are amazing!

Boyfriend making his share of the feast. Which was the highlight. Truffled mashed potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, & REAL gravy!

More spread…

Ready to be eaten!!

Boulware girls stick to the dress code,


This is my mom running backwards yelling at me to not take her picture or post it anywhere.

haha sorry mom you’re too awesome.

Mac & I settled things peacefully…

& there was a lot of fun had!

Worlds better than my last Thanksgiving! I say best of all!



A picture of 1000 words

28 Nov

Sitting at the social for delicious brunch of pancakes, mimosas, & bloody marys!

Found another picture of Makenzie & I on our drunk night on her boyfriends phone. I’ll say this is my favorite!

Love the new wordpress for iPhone!

Recent Days through the Eyes of Isaac

27 Nov

My internet & my wordpress photo upload are having a love spat & not allowing me to post my kickass thanksgiving pictures 😦

So I bring you my week in pictures – by my trusty iphone!

Recently in the World de Jaz

there was bowling…

The amazing art in a bathroom I found that I MUST ACQUIRE!!!! scandalous!

Random pictures from boyfriend that he took that one night I was drunk…

Sweet drunk words from my college bff

The tea platter a sweet coworker made me when I was sick & dying at work…

There was a dish of lemons on the other side. So sweet, so delicious!

Found this handy kitchen tool at a closeout store….

I sent it to my favorite coworker (who is completely what my brother would be like if I had one) & we have now started refering to our manager Margarita as the Margarator. We think she likes it.

Booger sitting on my back as I surf the net in the teepee..

A preview of thanksgiving awesomeness

(definitely the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had)

HILARIOUS new toy out for kids…

the slogan for every man!

This is insane… they are pretty much training kids (9 & up!) for beer pong!!

My sans makeup black friday ninja look…

We were up at 3:30 am. ouch. But my mama got me AMAZING stuff like…

This PERFECT FOR ME new dress bought as an early xmas present!

tonights THRIFT GOLD!!!!!!!!!

It was priced at 29 with 50% off. But see white tags were 70% off. So I asked a sweet little “Margie” if this counted in the deal. She said “sure” & told me to give her name at the front when I thought she was nuts to oblige my wishful thinking. Well of course a bitch (of whom I have a history with. She never wants me to have the good stuff!) happened to be at the only open register at 9 at night on a Saturday, & she denied me no matter my name dropping.

But hey! It was still only 15 bucks! I feel like a rock star! Rachel Zoe eat your heart out!

Sweet words from the boy….


Spagagna birthday dinner for the boy!

He loved it (of course I did) even though I made a mistake on my first time making ground beef & forgot to drain the grease before adding the sauce. oops!

Oh this is GOLD!

Mac spent hours of his birthday at work & then at TWO bars with this on his back but had no idea about it til he stumbled to my house the next morning. I turned around to be delighted by it. hahahaha.

Didn’t I just wear a similar outfit?

All I’ve got for now! I’ve spent the day being lazy, then getting snazzed up for “Love & Other Drugs” (goooood) with Jon & my thrift trip. Now its time for Thanksgiving goulash & sleep! woohoo!!

Cozy like a cocoon

23 Nov

Sometime last week on a rainy work day…

I wore my new Tucker for Target butterfly dress & my comfiest sweater to work. I would like to shamelessly make you aware that this dress is an EXTRA SMALL & does fit me as a dress. But for a lazy day I needed pants & a shirt. Coupled with pink slipper-like shoes I was super comfy all day.

After work to go hang out with the boy I slid into my rainboots & wrapped myself in my SELF KNITTED scarf. Gahhh I love that thing!

[ jeans & dress – target; scarf – made by moi; flats & pants – walmart; boots – Rave; sweater – wet seal ]

Currently I’m mad cleaning my apt to prepare for my FIRST Thanksgiving in my casa! (ok I’m not CURRENTLY cleaning since I’m obviously blogging, but every maid needs a break!).

I’ve had a Christmas on my own, the first one when I was out on my own, but this Thanksgiving is going to be epic! It seemed only appropriate now that I have a teepee in my living room. The family is dressing up as Pilgrims & Indians. Mom will be a fellow indian, with the grandparents as pilgrims, & the boyfriend should be a pilgrim (I’m dying for an interracial romance as I will of course be Pocahontas 😛 ). I just made my costume &  I can’t wait to post it! I do have to say I surprised myself with my resourcefulness & speed.

Good night!


self assessed A

22 Nov

I finally pased my pattern mixing 101 class with this ensemb!!

I stuck to the same (easy) color scheme, because well, I’m still chicken. But I definitely rocked two differnt polka dots (large & small), floral, AND stripes. Whew!

[ skirt & shoes – tj Maxx; scarf – liberty of london for Target; shirt – old navy; head wrap – from Target dress ]

I loved it! The picture was definitely rushed. I have not been any good at waking up on time all week. sadface. I did pull my hair up at work & it looked MUCH cuter.


22 Nov

Look who got a tripod!

I get more bloggy by the day! 😛

This was last Tuesday. I know that because I went on a mission after work & my whole outfit was based around the costume change I had to make for my mission. The hat, tights, turtleneck & shoes had to stay. So I threw on my adorable skirt (with pockets!) for ANOTHER look. Who knew this skirt would be so transformable!

Skirt also seen here, here, & here



21 Nov

Harry needs a doggy snuggie for christmas so he can appropriately snuggle with Mac