Halloweenie Finale Fail

2 Nov

ok so boyfriend & I never went out in our costumes. We failed. They were going to be epic I promise! But I can’t tell you because I don’t want anyone to steal them for their own next year.

He didn’t get off work til late late on Saturday, & after seeing Saw 3D at midnight Thursday after a 13 hour work day, then our masquerade party after an 11 hour day, come Saturday at 11:30 we realized it just wasn’t worth it. First theres the exhaustion, then the fact that by the time I got us all bloodied up, the party would be over in 2 hours & without an ID this year I couldn’t even drink to make up for our each $25 entry fee.

We’re old & rational apparently.

So anyway I bring you a super cute outfit from last week. Or maybe the week before.

It made one of the girls in the kitchen actually say “You dress so odd! so odd. Cute. But the things you wear…” hahahaa. Apparently knee socks are SHOCKING! love it.

also got a lot of “you look like a little girl” comments. I’ll take it. I LOVE this outfit.

**NOTE not so much of a little girl because that turtlenecks purpose was to hide a hickey. (a hickey that I forgot about come the next day where my promiscuity became the funny topic of the day.)**

[ skirt – thrifted; socks & turtleneck – target; shoes – TJ Maxx; Necklace – Goody’s ]

The braids added for a good bit of commentary. “Pippi Longstocking” was a hit with it’s double appropriateness.

We had a grand old Tornado on this day. It caused me to have a mini mental/emotional breakdown & leave work early to go be with my mommy. Brandon told me I was going to be Dorothy in Oz, but I assured him, even in my meltdown that surely I couldn’t get swept up in chaos; I didn’t have the right shoes on! 😛



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