Mulberry Heart

9 Nov

This is a story of family, love and the feeling of completion.

Meet my new Mulberry for Target wonderbag. I was cruising Target the weekend before last & when I laid eyes on this bag, the last of its kind, at one time I felt as if I had seen the miracle of life and also died a little inside at the same time. Ok drama is my thing. But honestly, it was made for me. I didn’t have the kind of cash it takes to land this bag so before I picked it up to strut around the store with it on my shoulder I took a picture & sent it to my mom who was in Colorado at the time. The msg said something to the effect of “Dear god I need this bag like right-fucking-now. Please help pay my rent!”

To which my darling mamacita called me to tell me she’d buy me the bag & I could consider it my present from her trip!!!! love.

& so we danced!


Of course I later found myself dressing to match it the next day. I even put some pink in my hair (which is a permanent dream)

[ boots & bag – target; dress – also target but thrifted ]

Later that day whilst feeling extra poopy, I got in touch with my inner hipster beatnik & traded up for leggings & a hooded dress with my favorite beanie.

Oh & in my hand – just the best trail mix ever that I concocted & deeelicious milk for the trip to boyfriend.


One Response to “Mulberry Heart”

  1. Chris R November 10, 2010 at 9:11 am #

    Great find and you so ROCK your outfits like no one else I know……….you are always so classy looking and well just dressed so impressive…..You are becoming such a wonderful person and a beautiful lady. Your bf is very lucky.
    xxoo Chris

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