A week ago today

10 Nov

Debut of my extensions was covert. I wear hats with them a lot because I still suck at putting them in. Some people noticed my braids grew a foot, & others had to be alerted haha

[ skirt – thrifted; shirt – Marshalls $3; hat – target; jacket – Old Navy ]

Don’t worry I wore shoes! They were in my car & I wanted my pictures before I ran all the way out there. It was mighty cold! I wore the jacket for most of work. Standing up front, those doors kill me!

After work I went to the dog park to have a play date with my friend Sarah Jane & her pup Max. It ended up raining but we stuck it out since we had been trying for weeks to get together! Well not only did it rain & Harry turned into a SUPER mud ball, I locked my keys AND him in my car. Oh yeah. First time & the worst time. Luckily there was an EPB truck nearby & the guy hooked me up with some copper wiring. Harry pretty much was the hero of the day tho, I was only able to get the wire thru the window because he stepped on the button before we got to the park & I was too impatient to wait to push up my forever slow windows.


& what would have been a super cute pic, had we not both moved at the last second…


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