Cozy like a cocoon

23 Nov

Sometime last week on a rainy work day…

I wore my new Tucker for Target butterfly dress & my comfiest sweater to work. I would like to shamelessly make you aware that this dress is an EXTRA SMALL & does fit me as a dress. But for a lazy day I needed pants & a shirt. Coupled with pink slipper-like shoes I was super comfy all day.

After work to go hang out with the boy I slid into my rainboots & wrapped myself in my SELF KNITTED scarf. Gahhh I love that thing!

[ jeans & dress – target; scarf – made by moi; flats & pants – walmart; boots – Rave; sweater – wet seal ]

Currently I’m mad cleaning my apt to prepare for my FIRST Thanksgiving in my casa! (ok I’m not CURRENTLY cleaning since I’m obviously blogging, but every maid needs a break!).

I’ve had a Christmas on my own, the first one when I was out on my own, but this Thanksgiving is going to be epic! It seemed only appropriate now that I have a teepee in my living room. The family is dressing up as Pilgrims & Indians. Mom will be a fellow indian, with the grandparents as pilgrims, & the boyfriend should be a pilgrim (I’m dying for an interracial romance as I will of course be Pocahontas 😛 ). I just made my costume &  I can’t wait to post it! I do have to say I surprised myself with my resourcefulness & speed.

Good night!



One Response to “Cozy like a cocoon”

  1. Chris R November 24, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    Jazmyn, I will always be thankful for the past, present, and future times that you are a part of my life. Have an amazing Thanksgiving and I know you will rock the outfits! Keep up the posts; they are inspirational! xxoo Chris

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