Tofurkey Day – A Classic Twist

30 Nov

Happy (late) Thanksgiving from the Boulware ladies & crew!

So we did indeed dress up! I made my shirt out of two bandanas & a strap from old ballerina type shoes 🙂

Mom made her kickass costume out of a sheet. & I made Mac’s hat out of construction paper he supplied.


It’s amazing how many people saw the facebook pictures. Random people I’m not even friends with have come up to me to tell me! One lady in the restaurant!! hahaha. Famous!

First off a corner of my lovely apartment! See the lamps on either side, the ones I got from my bosses sale! The shades still need another coat of paint, but nevertheless they are amazing!

Boyfriend making his share of the feast. Which was the highlight. Truffled mashed potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, & REAL gravy!

More spread…

Ready to be eaten!!

Boulware girls stick to the dress code,


This is my mom running backwards yelling at me to not take her picture or post it anywhere.

haha sorry mom you’re too awesome.

Mac & I settled things peacefully…

& there was a lot of fun had!

Worlds better than my last Thanksgiving! I say best of all!



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