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600 miles from home…

31 Dec

& I still can’t escape my work!


30 Dec

Involved mini creme brΓ»lΓ©es, lots of coffee & my morning starbucks walk, metro rides, delicious pizza, dinosaurs, Julia Child’s kitchen, first lady ball gowns, Obama’s (much smaller than I ever imagined) house, and pretty monuments πŸ™‚


29 Dec

From old town Alexandria!

I feel at home in target

28 Dec

Mirror shot! As I forgot my jacket (super dumbass) I’m wearing Aly’s along wife my favorite fur scarf, favorite boots, & jeans.

We took a chill day that started with me walking ACROSS THE STREET for starbucks (<3!!!) & coming back to homemade muffins & a glee marathon. Which btw how the fuck have I not been watching this show?!? Made for my entertainment!

We're off to the thrift store to hopefully fid me a lovely, cheap, & warm jacket!

Tomorrow Abby & I are taking over the town. We're writing our bucket list tonight but we know that we're doing the Natural History Museum, Harry Potter IMAX 3D, & possibly Mt Vernon (hich throws me everytime it's mentioned since I work at a restaurant by the same name lol)


On a whim

28 Dec

I’m on my way to my favorite city in the US! My best friend
Aly & her girlfriend Abby stopped by to visit after
visiting her sister in Birmingham AL yesterday. Today at 3 I say “I
wish I could stow away in your trunk but I don’t know how I’d get
back.” By 5 I had boarded Mr Harry Bradshaw, purchased a ticket
home, packed my bag (minus a jacket, DUMBASS) & was saying
goodbye to my wonderful mom! I am beyond excited!


27 Dec

If I ever use this blog to reference things happening in my life time-wise, I’m gonna be screwed! See, I wore this outfit yesterday, Tuesday the 21st. I’m writing about the outfit on Wednesday the 22nd. You won’t see this until Monday the 27th, but I’m gonna be talking about today (the 22nd! keep up!)

All I really have to say, is that I got a super cute, super sweet boys phone number today. I got all flustered, it was a very “big kid” pick up. Classy & such. My manager was involved & 3 of us squealed & discussed how nice he’s always been, how cute, & how he clearly shares my love for desserts (obviously not the “big kid” part)

It’s always nice to get some attention. I gotta say it.


More was good today, but I’ll save it for the post with THAT outfit.

I confused myself.


Have a great day πŸ˜›


Wally world supplied

26 Dec

Wore this last Sunday to scan the antique mall for presents. I ended up buying myself a ton of vinyl. BEATLES for $1!!!! My first beatles album practically stolen! Love it. I did score a super awesome gift for my mom and got a few ideas and pictures of dream items for my future life πŸ™‚


Love how Harry looks like he’s sniffing my butt. I’m sure he was getting towards that. Frisky boy!