A peek inside

1 Dec

This outfit (which I love very much) stands as a perfect example to the “how” I get dressed.

After I’ve already changed 3 times & gone through my headband bucket (yes there is a whole big bucket of headbands!) I remember!

“Hey I have that new sweater I got from the little girls section in target! Ohhh look at that little bow on there. I have that ribbon from my pink dress that would probably match that perfect! Ok so I have to do a black or white skirt. Well what about a mix one! That’s perfect. But it’s too short. Knee socks! And… I don’t want black shoes to get lost… my white shoes are super dirty, ok my black & white shoes!”

& thus, an outfit.

Seriously. That’s how it goes in an only child’s inner (& sometimes outer) dialogue for getting dressed in the morning. Just in case you were ever curious.

[ sweater – Target (lil girls); shoes – TJ Maxx; Skirt – Thrifted; Head ribbon – from another dress ]

& now how the outfit made me feel, in all it’s goofy cheestastic glory…




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