New dress for my day!

7 Dec

When A New Dress A Day came onto the scene I had a whopping 4 people send me the link because they thought of me! I have a habit of thrifting dresses or skirts that I love for the fabric & hacking into them to make them shorter & more awesome. The habit has a bonus of scraps that I always use to make hair ties (a thing my ex listed in the reasons for our breakup, but still a craft that brings me more joy then he did!)

I was feeling creative the other night, while I should be working on my Christmas presents, since my family ruled to have a homemade christmas, but alas I am more than poor (in debt to my darling mother) so I turned to my closet to find the things I was neglecting to wear.

I demolished quite a few pieces but this was by far my proudest surgery. I bought the dress years ago. Yes YEARS! But it just fit me like a moomoo sack. Belting only made it worse! The picture doesn’t even explain!

So the goal was to shorten it up first! & then bring the sleeves in A LOT! I brought them in 4 times before I was content, &  I already have some chunky monkey arms, so that’s saying a lot for the grand size of this dress!

I couldn’t wait to wear it the very next day!

I used the cut off bottom as my waist cinching belt (used as a hair bow later in the week mwuahaha), added a headband, overtheknee boots, tights, & teased my hair for a super 60’s rocker look.

It’s of course so funny that I got a million compliments on the dress. I was so pissed at myself for not bringing in my camera to show before pictures. NO ONE understood. & just like when I make a major shopping score, I want to spill all my secrets & get all the kudos!

[ dress – thrifted & altered by moi; boots – target; scarf – …; tights – walmart; jacket – old navy; headband – stolen from my mama ]


3 Responses to “New dress for my day!”

  1. Tammy December 7, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    Holy Wow Batman! Your “recontruction” is beyond amazing!! I love it! You’re a ROCK STAR!

  2. Chelsea S. December 7, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    Holy shit… that is amazing. Like, amazing! Love the outcome, and loooove how you styled it.


  1. Oops, I forgot « All That Jaz - January 5, 2011

    […] Recognize the hairbow?! A scrap from this redesign.

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