layer up!

8 Dec

I think I’m almost finally figuring out layering. Being from California & Florida, I have sunshine in my blood! Cold weather completely stumps me. Up until this winter (with 4 under my belt) I lacked all good common sense of how to dress without a lighted blinking sign to the universe that read “NEEDS A SNIFFLING SNEEZING COLD – STAT!”

I’ve already contracted my cold for the year. But it wasn’t too bad. & I’d like to think it had more to do with my kissing habits.

This little pepto bismal outfit was cheery, fiery, & … well I enjoyed it!

Tights – CHECK!

Sweater – CHECK!

& a jacket – CHECK!

[ tights – Hot Topic (when I used to work there! circa 2005); shoes – Walmart; Dress – Target; Sweater & jacket – Thrifted ]

These tights make me especially delighted when guys say “whoa look at those spotted (or purple or pink) tights!” to which I always reply “What tights?!” haha


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