Narcissist blogging for the win!

9 Dec

I know it seems silly to a lot of people this whole style blogging business. But I get so much out of it! Not just superficially either. However, that is the point I’m going to express today.

For one, I feel like my style & my daily dressing has improved ten-fold. But it’s also not just blogging, I love the reactions I get at work & that people actually “wait” to see what I’m wearing everyday. It is however, a lot about having a hobby that requires me to put in a little extra effort every morning. I’ve always said, & I’m pretty sure I learned the quote from some Mary-Kate & Ashley TV show, “When you look good, you feel good, & good things happen to you!” It goes back to my entire theory of the Universe. Today you can call it “the secret” or whatever, but a happy disposition, & confidence especially, can do worlds of good for your day-to-day interactions, goals, and emotional stability. Blogging gets me there & I’m thankful for it!

blahblahblah, I know.

This was an outfit I wasn’t ALL too sure of in the morning, but it brought me lots of warmth so I tried my best to rock it out. Turns out it was a surprising hit, & the good energy fed me all day long!

In turn I guess that’s why I’m constantly paying compliments to everyone I see that has something admirable (whether aesthetically or otherwise). It just makes a person feel good!

[ dress – thrifted; vest – JcPenneys; shoes – Payless ]

I’m gonna keep on truckin’ blogging & feelin’ awesome (narcissism included)


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