10 Dec

Got into this last Sunday in quite the hurry! Woke up that morning with the STRANGEST desire to go to Church. I’m surely no heathen but I am super far from fitting into the bible belt buckle state I live in. This mood was an odd one indeed.

Odd however much, I did go to one of my similar thinking establishments. Much more “the universe, laws of attraction, happy thoughts” sort of things. I tell you all this simply to share that they PASSED OUT BASKETS OF MONEY!!! & No I am not silly enough to think the donation baskets were for my taking. After they recieved their checks & envelopes, they PASSED OUT BASKETS OF MONEY!!! I left with 48 bucks! I took 16 to begin with. A ten, a five, & a one, only to have the basket shoved at me again & instructed to take more. It’s wild, I know. The people next to me must have taken 80 each.

After that fun adventure I got my oil changed (boringggg)

but then I went to The Social for DEEEELICIOUS bloody mary’s, mimosas, & pancakes! yahooo! Good times were had with the crew & I made a new gay bff. We’re going to see Burlesque soon. He also does hair & this girl right here needs a trim bad! Love friends with benefits!

As for my outfit, I loved it! Comfy, warm, fall appropriate, & comment causing.

[ vest – I ❤ Ronson, JCPenneys; Leggings – Forever21; boots & black top – Old Navy; Chambray top – Walmart; belt – thrifted ]


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