15 Dec

In the altered words of Rachel Zoe – “I love me a sequin leopard spot!” 🙂

It has an amazing angled back…

Because it’s really a dress!!

Only a 3 dollar score from the thrift store. I literally grabbed it like a piece of gum on my way to the register. Never even held it against my body. Just knew I had to have it. Perfect for vegas when it’s all shortened up!

One of the servers caught me in the kitchen to tell me she “looooved” my shirt & had just the earrings to match it, I lifted my skirt exclaiming “thanks! it’s actually a dress!” (discretion is soooo not my thing). The sous chef was completely in awe. The look on his face was hilarious. He kept saying “well I never would have thought of that. Guess I shouldn’t since I’m a guy. I don’t wear dresses or skirts. But wow thats… thats really clever” hilarious. Especially since he’s been a super jerky ass to everyone for the past few weeks. It was just a tiny glimpse back to the nice guy he was when I started. Shucks.

[ dress as shirt – thrifted; skirt – target; shoes – payless; scarf – forgotten; jacket – old navy; headband – target ]


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