Cant keep up with my chargers or boys

20 Dec

My computer charger has bit the dust 😦 until I can a) use my moms charger for some posts & then b) buy a new charger, you’re left with updates from Isaac the iPhone!

So lately….

I had a reunion with my friend Wayne

Tried to blog when my computer could be charged but see how booger has to lay on the table & Harry thinks he’s a little dog who can curl up in my lap? It’s madness.

Had delicious sushi

Got this AMAZING piece of artwork sent to me from my fave coworker while he was on the job

Only explained by this….

My jaz spots started to hulk out when I went to see Burlesque

Harry’s new girlfriend Lola came to visit with her daddy Jon from nashvegas. They brought bones & treats & starbucks for dowry 🙂

This is maybe a handstitched voodoo doll of someone that someone made someone for Christmas…..

Finished my Christmas gift for my grandpa which I think is cute. It’s the modern version of a shirt I made him when I was 3 🙂

Saw what I would look like in the future (drunk face not future approved!)


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