Wait! The elf!

24 Dec

Ok one last Christmas Eve outfit.

Or rather, a Christmas EVE Eve outfit.

Never have I EVERRRR before received SOOOO many compliments on an outfit. SO MANY!! It’s cute, I don’t think too much of it, but HOLY CHRISTMAS BELLS! People love Elves!

I even had a woman squealing loudly bringing her husband over to see how cute I was in Walmart at 10:30pm. haha. Love it! Entirely unexpected.

Of course, like shopping deals, & thrift alterations, when complimented on my necklace I had to share that it was actually tree garland! from the dollar store no less! I bought it last year for this purpose but just got to carrying it off! Tons of fun!

I’m actually quite surprised I even managed to look decent, for one, & then to get pictures of myself for two. I woke up a 9 after 4ish hours of sleep with a sore throat & drug my ass down to my apt office to sign my new lease (heyyyyy free month of rent!!!) looking like ass. Then I realize after it has taken them much too long already, I was supposed to be leaving for work while Im sitting there waiting for copies. Then I had to go home, get myself un-assfaced, feed Harry Bradshaw, take him out, & gather my presents for my coworkers! yikes. But I did it!


Speaking of presents. I am sooooo blessed to have the coworkers I do. And the customers we do on top of that! So many people slipping me money, giving me chocolates & presents GALORE! People I barely even formed relationships with that come in regularly gave me money! It’s wild. The kindness of people sometimes completely amazes me!

I’ll be back at work as you read this on Christmas eve, which I guess will leave me ONE more themed outfit, since of course I have to wear my crazy christmas vest I bought at the thrift store a few weeks ago (for $1!) πŸ˜‰ bear with me πŸ˜‰



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