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I’m home! Happy New Year!

2 Jan

I’m back home which is both sad & lovely.

Before a million & 10 DC photos, it seems more important to give a little 2010 Jaz Highlight Reel.

In 2010 I….

Never bounced a check! (though I did borrow from my mom a few times towards the end of the year – THANKS MOMMY!)

Lost 20lbs!

Got to see Mary,one of my best friends in the world for both NYE & my birthday!

Paid off my student loan (my ex bf gave me the push, sadly we’re not at a point where I can thank him, but I definitely wouldn’t be done now if he hadn’t pushed me & given me the first payment)

Lost a best friend & my first love.

Made new friends & reconnected with a lot of old ones (including a cute boy circa my sophomore year of college that sends me presents from my amazon wishlist!)

Felt heartbreak & then a whole lot of self love 😉

Rebounded a few times :/

Left behind my teen years.

Spent a lot of time in ATL & a little in Nashville

Visited my best friend Aly & my favorite city (DC, duh) TWICE! The first trip for Pride Parade which was one of the greatest & most inspiring things I’ve ever participated in.

Lost my fake ID.

Saw a lot of live music. The Drive By Truckers, Eric Clapton, The Who, & damnit other bands I don’t remember!

Kissed a lot of frogs.

Held true to my resolution & dumped all the bitchy, backstabbing, annoying, out of touch with reality, & trouble making friends. More than a handful gone, more than a million pounds of relief!

Became an OFFICIAL car owner! I may go where I please! Hasta la vista!

Quit my awful job & got a MUCH less awful one. haha I love it MOST of the time.

Built a TEEPEE in my living room!

Got two tattoos!

Adopted the stinkiest & craziest dog to ever live.

Had my first white Christmas

Didn’t dye my hair at all! SHOCK! AWE! WHOA! NO WAY! (I like it, but of course now I’m getting antsy)

Saw my first pro football game!

Snorted a bagillion times. Laughed til I hurt & cried because I hurt.

I learned a lot, loved a lot, & generally kicked a whole lot of fuckin ass whilst having a blasty blast.

yes, a blasty blast.

Peace out 2010, I loved you (most of the time) but I think theres really something to be explored with 2011. I’m running away with him; my cares to the wind!