Business & Pleasure

10 Jan

This post is going to serve 3 purposes…

1) to declare my complete happiness over my reunion with my twinsie!

2) Perfect example of my coworkers & their name the dress game

3) show off my outfit… of course

1) I won’t go into the reasons WHY it’s been months since I’ve talked to the girl who is pretty much my soul mate, I just wanna tell you how happy I am she’s such a badass girl who is a much bigger person than me to clear the air. She’s the only one that understands a lot of things about me, & I her. We both understand the need for entire spare rooms for closets, the joys of thrifting & vintage, cupcakes, tattoos, Sex and The City, & sexy vamp stuff. I literally get giddy when we hang out now because I as much as I missed her at times over the months, I forgot how totally awesome we are together.

Mostly she’s equally as amused as I am by things like this picture showing how this dress rubbed my neck to look like vamp marks 🙂

2) Normally everyone is on the same general page with my outfit themes. Today lots of comments…

Joey – Girl you need a tan!

Alan – Cute ensemb. Tres Audrey Hepburn.

Steve W – Going or coming from the convent?

Moe – Wednesday Adams! (fave)

Jeff – he just went on about how his mom had one back in the day & how I also looked business like. oh Jeff! lol



One Response to “Business & Pleasure”

  1. Jessica Eubanks January 10, 2011 at 4:00 am #

    hi, i love you!!! and you look extremely skinny in this one, just sayin 🙂

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