Meet Izzie the iphone4!!

16 Feb

Jon really did it!! I received my iphone4 valentines day morning (& god what a good day that was! Big post coming soon!)

I really think half of my 20th year has been spent dealing with AT&T trying to get iPhones set up. This one held true. Kind of made a mess & at one point had Jons phone AND my phone coming to both my phones with him phoneless in Nashville. Oh my my!

Of course my old iPhone was named Isaac. But with the adorable & perfect case Jon bought me, I couldn’t really make my new one a boy. I couldn’t name her Ilene or Ida because I have both of those at work. A sweet boy said Isabelle! So Izzie it is!

See pics of cute case, awesome homepage wallpaper of pacman, & my first camera switch pic!

I’ve been trying to FaceTime all morning but everyone is in class or “feeling like shit” to which I say “booooooooo”

*please ignore my crazy eyes & note the adorable Harry Bradshaw in the background <3*


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