Since this is my first solo night in a week

5 Apr

I should probably post SOMETHING shouldn’t I?

I had every intention of a real computer post last night while the boy was at work but then a tornado blew through town! I swear!

So what’s worthy? Here’s what I’ve been up to for so long. Completely time jumbled….

Booger is completely in love with B. When he can’t be ON him. He sits on/in his clothing & stares at him. It’s both sweet & disturbingly creepy


I’ve had this hat since I was 8! Sentimental story.


I MAY have worn this to an interview for a very dreamy job.


Clever candle holders for tornado nights. Right after I took this picture the power came back on. GRRRR. lol


My best friend & her boyfriend got a new kitty named “Slingblade”. Proud parents!


I started getting ACTUAL server shifts at work & letmetellYOU I’ve been making BAAAANK!


I got to subpoena people for an attorney which involved B & I’s first REAL date at the most HILARIOUS redneck bar where we witnessed a baby mama drama fight between two brothers & along with the rest of the patrons ran outside when the fight moved. Never had such weird & hilarious fun.


oh I got suspended for two days over $1. yes ONE. ONE DOLLAR. It’s as retarded as it sounds. but as you can see I made the best of it! (last two were additions by B)


B got sent home early on my second day for habitual tardiness so he lived on the bright side with me….


one of many outfit pics captured at the Pinnacle…


I swear this is a Jacob from Twighlight lookalike! If only he had his shirt off!…


I did my best animal house after my first toga party….

(fun fact: my toga was a pillow case)


see…. another of many. This one where I dressed like an Olsen twin….


Too often am I at forever21…


double pisces rainbow!…


a little wonderful (best thing in the world) inside joke that always makes me smile & blush…


I went out for St Pattys day but sadly never found my green beer pot of gold. Only green shots…


oh hey did I mention I turned 21 & went to Las MOTHERFUCKING Vegas?!!


& I met Paris Hilton….


yeah, I should probably write a post about that huh?


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