Wednesday Adams won’t have shit on me

21 Apr

So I’ve got a new fashion challenge!

A LOOOOOONG term one. No week of black, white, & yellow

More like a 32 hour a week every week for a long time ALL BLACK challenge.

This new job has a uniform. As much as I’ve shopped at Charming Charlie (A LOT) I didn’t realize til I was there for my first interview that all the associates were wearing black. I asked a “charmer” (isn’t that cute!?) & she said it was 80% black, 20%white. Oh shit. First it was khakis every day when I worked in the college bookstore. Then it’s flat closed toed shoes at Mt. Vernon. STOP LIMITING ME PEOPLE!

When I was offered the job, before I formally accepted I made a rack of my SOLID black clothes (excluding tanks & leggings) to see what I had to work with. Black is my favorite color, but the idea of all black all the time scared the shit out of me & made me doubt the powers of my bedroom closet.


Luckily, today I found out it’s really 60%/40%. But then my very awesome new manager told me she likes to personally keep it at 70%/30% (said in a way a mom says “well you can do what you want but I would…” & then you know you have to do the right thing… which is ALWAYS the mom thing)

*Who knew there could be so many statistics in terms of clothes?!*

In addition, and I’m not sure if I previously shared this with you but my “Fashion Resolution” for 2011 is to wear more accessories. While my best friend is the MASTER, it’s just something I never really think of despite my insane collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, & earrings. Well dundundun the universe decides to give me a crash course in sticking to my resolutions because along with all black (ok a teeny bit of white too) the uniform requires SIX accessories. Thats one…. two…. three… four… five… SIX! Whoa. Black variations seem like a breeze now.

Good news… shoes can be any color in the rainbow, and EVEN BETTER I can wear OPEN TOED shoes and WEDGES and HEELS and fuck yeah I’m so fucking happy!

I can’t wait to start! I went out and bought a black jersey tunic at forever21 (with money I don’t have) that made me feel 100x better about everything. At $10 I have an ass covering go with any bottom top. It’s the little things right? Black is my favorite color & I’d be happy to wear it everyday but like when someone tells you to do a chore you were planning on doing, you suddenly don’t want to do it anymore! (oh that’s just spoiled bratty me?)

I’ll do my best to rock it but be prepared for some dark outfits. I’ve already warned the boy that I’m probably gonna dress like a highlighter on all off times. Or maybe I’ll play full time New York soul & lose myself in it! (nahhhhh)

Time to finish my celebratory glass of wine & wait for my man to come over after poker night 🙂



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