omg I’m so trendy!

23 Aug

Just sitting in the Barnes & Noble cafe on my macbook, rocking nerd glasses (prescription!!), scarf &boots &hat in the summer, and drinking my green tea latte BLOGGING! I crack myself up!

See the boy & I are housesitting this baby

&somehow we broke the wireless so we can only PLUG into the modem. Well Ben is so sleek & skinny, he doesn’t have an ethernet port! It’s ok – I love him for it actually! But I finally brought him to work to enjoy on my lunch break! hallelujah!

Work is GREAT! I took 3.5 days off for my surgery so I have a whole new recharged outlook. It was the first 3 days off I’ve had since March! & that was for my birthday in vegas so there was DEFINITELY no downtime AT ALL (ok though, since it was THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!)

I lounged & didn’t do much of anything except for bitch at everyone near me, do harm to myself trying to eat, and then pouting about my inability to painlessly do so. It was quite the roller coaster to say the least.

Brandon managed to be a great doctor though. I could wake him in the middle of the night whispering pathetically “hydro baby… I need a hydro” & he’d run downstairs and back up with drugs & a glass of water. Swooooon. He also made me my flash meal of the week (spaghetti) and checked my teeth after surgery to make sure I “didn’t get jipped” since I was recovering like a rockstar.

****I’d like to take a moment to thank my mommy again for paying half of my surgery! I still have throbbing in my mouth & I haven’t eaten a burger in 2 weeks, but soon I will & I won’t have any pain ever again! My teeth will stay perfectly naturally straight & nothing will disturb the peacefulness that are my gums ever again!****

oh wtf my battery is dying?!?!! but BEN!!! I charged you all last night. Have I hurt you? Maybe because I was still logged on…. sheesh! well time to wrap up now! Nice to blabber at you all!


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