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back to b&n

13 Sep

Its nice to finally be back on ben! Its cruel to be without wireless in my mansion when I have such a beauty to play on! I should really get that fixed!

Down to the last 3 wees=ks in BJ mansion. Then its back to apartment life for me! But I am looking at moving somewhere closer to work – now that I’m FULL TIME and making nice monies 🙂 just need to find time to go look.

Nothing else too exciting. I left my phone cord in the office so no pics today 😦


except another of my face! ha!



2 Sep

I HAVE BEEN PROMOTED! I am now OFFICIALLY the FULL TIME Assistant Manager! It feels so good. & that paycheck is gonna feel EVER BETTER! ohhh swooooon.

I turned in my 2weeks notice to Mt Vernon today which BROKE MY HEART. I love everyone there SO MUCH.

It’s like a breakup 😦 but I know my future is SO SO bright & I can’t wait to run with this opportunity! It’s such a nice new feeling to excel at something that I truly love.

awesome sauce.