Under $5

9 Dec

Mannnnn I had such a good outfit today.

but alas while moving I don’t know where my tripod is. Let alone my camera. Sooooo go photo booth!

I really really loved this outfit. Mostly because I felt cute, but then after further inspection I realize the whole shebang came in at under $35 and $30 of which goes to my shoes! Hot damn Pam!

one day I’ll be a good blogger.

Shirt – (dress restyled) thifted

Pants – Old Navy $2.50

(you can’t tell but they’re army green silk & have great pockets. looove)

Shoes – DSW

Blazer – Free, found in a limo after a party 🙂

Scarf- Gift

I was totally loving my hair too. Which is great because I’ve really been wanting to change it (color mostly… style a little bit).

It felt good to get dressed up after my first real off day in a month! Now that all of my stuff is moved to our new place there was no stress of things to go get done. I stayed on my computer all day, wrapped a few presents until I got so pissed at the tape I threw it, washed 4 loads of clothes (god they rule my life!) and unpacked a few boxes. I only ventured out to have a girls night with my sweet wife Jordan. This girl and I are strong lady soul sisters! I was helping her find a NYE dress for her New Orleans trip (JEALOUSSSS!) but we mostly drank margaritas and bitched about her boyfriend. haha. Ok she bitched & I complained about B not understanding trash by the door means IT NEEDS TO GO OUT. I love him terribly and although I’m super mean to him about it, thats my only real beef with the guy.

Now its time to drink my tea & cuddle with Boogie while we wait for the man of the house to come home.

My little albino baby!

Night night!!


One Response to “Under $5”

  1. Jordan December 20, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    Dear lord, I am lovin every second of your blog. How did I not know this existed!? LOVE IT. LOVE YOU

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