Who the %$^(&# is Jazmyn!?

She’s a strange one, bubbly until an angry boil. Believes in all things mystical &preaches that thoughts become things. Knows that the 8 Ball is indeed magical & all knowing, allowing it to give her a clue about the most important things with a swirl & swish. She lives cautiously during the star’s menstrual cycles, always sending love & kisses to the Universe. She is filled with rainbows, sparkle & champagne. Fueled by hugs & kisses, cupcakes, green tea and tequila. Doesn’t eat meat but regularly dreams of In N Out burgers. One day she will be completely fulfilled with a half dozen kids, a heart beat accelerating snappy dressing lover, a little house with flower boxes, & a cupcake shoppe (but cupcakes aren’t the money maker. in fact, they’ll be free – she’s still working out the details).

She’s just plotting her next move while living in a transition.

She’s worth the headaches.


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