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so here we are

8 Jan

I just can’t manage to photograph my outfits.

plus it all seems a little narcissistic to me.

I have to admit it.

Maybe because I’m so haphazard. I’m no REAL STYLE blog. I just take my own pictures & talk about how cute I feel.

Where do I want this blog to go?

My life is so amazing

but it’s so amazingly beautiful and busy that I never get the real chance to gloat.

I have some goals set

maybe we’ll discuss?

I’ll think about this…..


this problem runs DEEP

21 Dec

So in my attempts to continue unpacking (2 months later…. fail) I am finding all kinds of awesome journals from my childhood. Yes, I blog and share details of my life with strangers narcissistically since Livejournal days a decade ago but I’ve maintained personal journals forever. & now I mean forever. These gems are from Jazmyn ages 4-9. Ok at 4 it was simply a Lisa Frank spiral notebook that I drew pictures in with my cool multi-colored-pen-pen…

This was SOOOO blog worthy!!!

God I’ve been ridiculous since birth!!!

Under $5

9 Dec

Mannnnn I had such a good outfit today.

but alas while moving I don’t know where my tripod is. Let alone my camera. Sooooo go photo booth!

I really really loved this outfit. Mostly because I felt cute, but then after further inspection I realize the whole shebang came in at under $35 and $30 of which goes to my shoes! Hot damn Pam!

one day I’ll be a good blogger.

Shirt – (dress restyled) thifted

Pants – Old Navy $2.50

(you can’t tell but they’re army green silk & have great pockets. looove)

Shoes – DSW

Blazer – Free, found in a limo after a party 🙂

Scarf- Gift

I was totally loving my hair too. Which is great because I’ve really been wanting to change it (color mostly… style a little bit).

It felt good to get dressed up after my first real off day in a month! Now that all of my stuff is moved to our new place there was no stress of things to go get done. I stayed on my computer all day, wrapped a few presents until I got so pissed at the tape I threw it, washed 4 loads of clothes (god they rule my life!) and unpacked a few boxes. I only ventured out to have a girls night with my sweet wife Jordan. This girl and I are strong lady soul sisters! I was helping her find a NYE dress for her New Orleans trip (JEALOUSSSS!) but we mostly drank margaritas and bitched about her boyfriend. haha. Ok she bitched & I complained about B not understanding trash by the door means IT NEEDS TO GO OUT. I love him terribly and although I’m super mean to him about it, thats my only real beef with the guy.

Now its time to drink my tea & cuddle with Boogie while we wait for the man of the house to come home.

My little albino baby!

Night night!!

baby got bun

30 Nov

Omg. hey. long time no type.

I FINALLY got internet!! Our sweet neighbor hooked me up with his wireless password. God love him! So Ben & I are up and running in our new apartment!

I really don’t have anything else I feel like discussing

except I do have a pretty sweet bun today



wordpress is unbearably slow. boo.

a to bored

2 Oct

A. Age: 21. hallelujah
B. Bed size: King until tomorrow when I go back to cuddle size (full)
C. Chore that you hate: cleaning the kitty box. ewwww.
D. Dogs: I miss my gidget everyday! Housesitting these pups makes me dream about my future bulldog.
E. Essential start to your day: COFFEEEE!!!
F. Favorite color: depends on my mood. Strangely attracted to bright ass yellow. I think I consider leopard print a color too. haha
G. Gold or Silver: GOLD!! I used to despise it when I was younger but that definitely changed. I even picked gold at Tiffany’s when in Vegas for my 21st. (thanks again mom! I wear my ring almost errday)
H. Height: I like to say 5’6
I. Instruments you play: None, unless you include the recorder when I was in 2nd grade.
J. Job title: Bombawesome Full Time Assisant Mgr at Charming charlie.
K. Kids: 6 one day.
L. Live: In a beautiful bubble.
M. Mother’s name: Tammy!
N. Nicknames: so damn many. I can’t even get into it.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Never ever.
P. Pet peeves: Everything annoys me but when tags stick out of people shirts I go apeshit.
Q. Quote from a movie: “I carried the watermelon .” – Baby in Dirty Dancing
R. Right or left handed: Right.
S. Siblings: tricky
U. Underwear: Not with dresses
V. Vegetable you hate: ermmmm turnips. yeah.
W. What makes you run late: having to leave my big spoon in bed.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: too many.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I’ve recently found out that I am Martha Effing Stewart when given an awesome kitche,
Z. Zoo animal: Monkeys.

back to b&n

13 Sep

Its nice to finally be back on ben! Its cruel to be without wireless in my mansion when I have such a beauty to play on! I should really get that fixed!

Down to the last 3 wees=ks in BJ mansion. Then its back to apartment life for me! But I am looking at moving somewhere closer to work – now that I’m FULL TIME and making nice monies 🙂 just need to find time to go look.

Nothing else too exciting. I left my phone cord in the office so no pics today 😦


except another of my face! ha!


2 Sep

I HAVE BEEN PROMOTED! I am now OFFICIALLY the FULL TIME Assistant Manager! It feels so good. & that paycheck is gonna feel EVER BETTER! ohhh swooooon.

I turned in my 2weeks notice to Mt Vernon today which BROKE MY HEART. I love everyone there SO MUCH.

It’s like a breakup 😦 but I know my future is SO SO bright & I can’t wait to run with this opportunity! It’s such a nice new feeling to excel at something that I truly love.

awesome sauce.