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25 Jul

Just a few recent things that have made me happy (& that I was able to get pictures of!)

My mom made me these adorable “Teepee” treats. More on the reason later. Aren’t they cute?! Brownies on the inside! yum!

This boy & his shirt

This intensely sequined dress. It didnt have a price on it & at the thrift store that I was at, if it doesnt have a tag they take it to the back & theres no way to put claim on it or leave your number. So I may have illegally stolen a tag & attached it. In my defense, 1) I needed the dress, 2) I chose a decently priced tag as to pay for its worth & 3) I, for some strange ass reason had a safety pin attached to my scarf that I was able to use to secure the tag. Thats just the universe telling me we were meant to be together. I plan to wear it to NYE in Paris. Yes thats right, Paris France. I’ve decided & if I get the job that I interviewed for, & then decide to accept (I’m all twist about it… more on that later) I’m savin my money!

This painting that was ridiculously overpriced & I plan to recreate.

More sweet Cece’s dates. This time I went on Two Punch Tuesday & sweet talked my way to THREE punches.

Bryan Harvey. Oh Bryan Harvey. Such a great kid. He shows up to Flippong (which btw I am HORRIBLE AT!) wearing this. Best costume change ever from the concert we were previously at.

oh & btw the concert we were at was populated by EVERY guy I am currently dating. Oh my. It was intense. & Just when I thought I managed to narrow it down to two…. everyone shows up to Flippong at the after party. (Bryan Harvey excluded – though I did profess my love for him in that outfit)

Seeing this number.

My mom decorated my front door on Thursday. God I love her! Isn’t she the best?! I had been complaining all day about work.

Which I’m framing to hang on my art wall!

a clean bedroom!

Watched the Karl Lagerfeld Documentary: Lagerfeld Confidential this morning & this made me lol so hard – its posted in his office bathroom!

Part of the epic project I told you about & still need to post! Oh & one of the tattoos I recently got that I hadn’t posted (because I suck at blogging, obviously) It’s a hello kitty bow! duh!

Found during morning run. need.

aww shucks. Meant to post this a while ago.

so much more but these pictures took a million & two years to upload! talk to you tomorrow!

night night!