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Sticky sweet

24 May

Friday after running all over town getting important things taken care of (like pre-ordering True Blood season 2 on DVD) we stumbled into the MOST authentic Korean restaurant ever. NOTHING was in English nor did anyone speak English. They brought out all these crazy little bowls of funkiness before our meal.

I tried EVERYTHING! No joke. I had no idea what any of it was & I tried it anyway. I’m not a fan of seaweed it turns out, but the dish in the far upper left – YUMZILLA! I ate it all. Super fast. yumyumyum.

Saturday we rolled out of bed to meet Josh’s mama who was in town. Spent the afternoon shopping with her (I got some great goodies – stay tuned for next time : )

Oh man oh man. So after his mama left on her way back out, we headed to the grocery store for some essentials.

(not sure what that light is on my neck…. lol)
Tank, vest & sandals – Walmart; Dress – Rue21

I whipped up some speedy guacamole, Josh grabbed the laptop, banana rum/sprite, some coronas (oh yeah I found a 6pack of coronas in the parking lot unopened. Anyone getting a sense of my crazy luck yet?!), & we made our way to the forgotten pool (everyone seems to only like the main pool). Welllll turns out they locked it on this day. So whatd we do? Climbed the fence! Duh! Then we swam, watched Weeds, drank yumminess, & ate half a bag of chips with my super star guac.

ooops sprite exploded!

After that little adventure we came back to make yummy burritos before we got a call from Josh’s boss to go hang out. & hang out we did! Til 5am. Yowza. Too much fun to even write out!

This was about 1am downtown. I’m 85% sober.

switched up the outfit a bit
jacket – Charlotte Russe; sandals – Target

For going to bed at 5 we sure got up early on Sunday. That meant breakfast burritos before Josh scooted off to work for a whopping 45 minutes.

I swear we got ready & THEN realized we were both wearing yellow. It was cute nonetheless. The one pic I got of us together is not cute. bummer.

We went to welcome his new student then made our way downtown for unpictured delicious oysters & gelato.

We’re such fat kids.

also stumbled on to a gorgeous wedding. I think we decided this was the 8th wedding we’ve found ourselves witnessing. Weird right?

What are we doing with our mouths?

Dress – Walmart; Shoes – Target

Mocking me. pfft.


Guess what this is?!!?

MANGO STICKY RICE! We learned how to make it all by ourselves!

holy shit it was DEEEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS! We should have even made double the sauce that we did, but it was still PERFECT!

Then we cuddled up to watch more Weeds & eat those TWO GIANT servings 🙂

We followed that up with an epic nap of cuddles & so ended the weekend.


Nothing wrong here

18 May

Friday I got to Atlanta & we took off for a Gwinnett Braves baseball game. Totally shocked I didn’t take ANY pictures. Guess we were too busy having our own mini danceparties. Of course is was fireworks night (I have superb luck for those sort of things) but what made it killer was having treked back to the truck we laid in the bed to have the fireworks LITERALLY right over top of us. Can you say PERFECTION? We did. I didn’t get pictures of that either. Josh got great video tho!

Saturday we woke up & made breakfast together. I finally mastered the “egg in a basket” or “egg in a blankie” as Josh argued me. He made his delicious potatoes that I love so much & we FINALLY finished One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest in bed (this movie lasted us like 4 weekends. wtf?!)

Then we made CUPCAKES!!! Sprinkles ORIGINAL cupcakes. Never had Sprinkles? You haven’t lived. Trust me, I have a cupcake tattooed on my flesh, I have to know these things.

Since Sprinkles has not graced the southeast with their presence, we pulled out a mix we bought in Phoenix last year. Must order more STAT!

Fun fact – the night Josh & I first met, I was baking cupcakes at a friend’s house. Josh COMPLETELY dissed my decorating skills & still, somehow even after a number of other awkward & unfortunate events that night, made me fall in love with him.

Let’s just say his skills weren’t the greatest this time. But his concentrated face is way cuter.

as if cupcakes weren’t enough, on our pitstop at Guitar Center for new drum accessories, boyfriend picked up my ALL TIME favorite dessert for me – Mango sticky rice! oh my god. I can’t.. no… words… just… yum!!!!!!!!!!!!11

With the day off Saturday we headed to Athens early for his show. Sound check for their 9pm show was at 4pm due to a wedding that was happening at the accompanying hotel of the gig (The melting Point @ The Foundry Hotel & Spa) so we got to roam around town adventuring. I wish I could tell you how much I love Athens GA but I don’t think there are enough words out there.

Josh went to UGA for undergrad & had told me before he never walked through the arches as an Alumni (something you’re supposed to do when you graduate) we’ve been to Athens a bunch lately but only on this trip did we finally make it that way. The series of pictures I took of this event make me so happy! Here is a condensed version for you…

He ran back up to do it again. Twice.

Also, can we admire the wonderful Jaz face in the center? I’m clearly rubbing off on him.

just trying to take pictures of myself & failing. We were in the Greenroom! Fancy fancy for this band. mini fridge full of beer & fun stuff everywhere.

There are my boots!


This might be the best picture I took of him. I should steal some from facebook but both Chris & Amanda are real deal photographers (for musicians & such) so I probably shouldn’t post much on here :/ Anyway he looks a little demented – but as I told Josh – every drummer, or anyone who wants to be a drummer is a little bit demented to find joy in pounding on things for hours at a time.

&with that being said, Josh & I are talking about lessons. & my need for a pink sparkly drum kit. We shall see!

The gents in action

Look at how light my hair is coming in! Wild! I like it!

As I had to do on facebook… I must note that my hair is wet because after the show I sort of shimmied the pool fence open & josh & I went swimming in our underwear. What can I say? We’re water signs! it was for our spiritual wellbeing.

Mary (fan of the band) – Manda (wife of lead singer Chris) – Me (the girl who touches the drummers stick ; )

Sunday after some glorious sleeping in (didn’t get home til 2am from the show & customary late night Waffle House) we ventured out for food & fun. I got this cute little dress from Old Navy last week. Well when I went to put it on I realized it had a tear in the pocket! gasp! We went to Old Navy to exchange. Of course they only had one left – well I try that one on & the entire sleeve is un hemmed on one edge. Way to go Old Navy. Fail on the production of this dress. I planned to do a full return at that point, when they offered me 50% off! HOLLAAAA! I can sew a tiny little hole for an 8 dollar (reg 30) dress!

Dress – Old Navy; Shoes – Payless (In mexico.. but not that it matters); Headband – dollar store.

We found this fire truck outside of some club thing in ATL while walking off the delicious greek pizza we had for lunch.

Boyfriend got this hat while I was wheelin & dealin in Old Navy. I dig it!

trying to do the Jaz face – not working.

We HAD to hit up starbucks for the last day of their half off – free to customize frap deal

The guy actually paid attention to my necklace (or maybe my debit card) & wrote my name correctly! That never ever happens! Love him!

all in all a fanfuckingtastic weekend (&I’m cutting off at Sunday afternoon because my fingers are tired! :P)


Oh my god becky! Look at her iphone!

1 May

Updating you from my brandnew iPhone!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh I’ve been waiting so very long for this day!

All thanks to boyfriend for being a big boy by getting his own phone plan & adding me onto it. Big time relationship step.


(said boyfriend giving me serious face at AT&T)