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I suck at titles

7 Aug

Not sure if anyone caught my post this morning. I definitely deleted it promptly upon waking but then as I was unposting it I found it pretty comical. So now I’m essentially reposting it, but I’m putting it with other *sober* things to try & class it up a bit…

yes, so after working 13 freaking hours I finally got to my phone & realized my friend Eric’s party was happening. I said I would go & I did honestly want to. The only problem was getting into shoes & not collapsing onto my bed when I went in to find the chosen shoes. I’m good at bailing, I do it all the time, but there was a mention of CHAMPAGNE &… Well, I’ll go anywhere for Champagne. On top of that it was a “Classy Liguor Party” & I’ll take any excuse to dress up. I avoided the bed & surprisingly turned my “30 minute appearance” into “4 hours of fun & makin out” haha

I changed into this

As you can see I was still struggling with my shoes. I set up the camera, hit the timer, & oops don’t have shoes on. haha. Fail.

The dress was a Christmas gift from Anthony when we were together. This was actually the first time I wore it. It’s a great dress. As my style hero Rachel Zoe would say “I love me some sequins!!” 🙂

Btw how cute does the bow on my foot look? It’s so much darker now I love it! It’s obviously much more noticeable since being touched up. I had THREE old men compliment me on it at work yesterday. Old men! I love that. So unexpected.

As for the party.. well I didn’t keep it to classy. But I did make out with the hottie I’ve been eyeballing for a while. &…. well that might have happened in front of my friend Thomas. & that didn’t make him too happy. Now I am trying to do damage control & minimize the situation (even though I say, unless you’re in a relationship, or exclusive, you’re GOOD TO GO).

I wish this blog was a little a lot more anonymous. At least not connected to my name because MAN I ALWAYS HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY!!!! gah.

To the outfits!

[Dress – Target. $20; Heels – Target, $6; Sweater –  Victorias Secret, FREE]

LOOOOVE this new dress! Definitely should not have made the purchase.. cuttin it close this pay period, but ohhh it was only $20, it looks so retro, &it’s really well made. It’s one of those crazy originally $50 dresses at target. pfft. Does anyone pay full price for clothing at Target anymore? I always wait & I generally have great luck.

[Tank – Old Navy; Pants – NY&Co $10 (I think); Wedges – Walmart $5; Belt – Thrifted with a dress; Shirt – Target $4]

I wore this to my first night at Mt Vernon. Minus the wedges. First thing the woman training me says: “You better have brought other shoes!” Luckily I happened to have some white flats in my car to save the day.

(btw I thought I would really dislike my trainer but she was AWESOME! She’s even from my home town in FL which makes it a suuuper small world! Sadly she’s out for 8 weeks now, so I only got one night with her)

[Pants – NY&Co; Flats – Target; Tank – no clue; Cardi – Target $6; Belt – came with a shirt]

Look at that badonkadonk in the mirror! yowza! I did NOT like this outfit & in fact was at target to buy another shirt to wear for the 2nd job. I didn’t find anything. Blahhh.

[shirt – Old Navy; Skirt – Thrifted $4; Heels – Steve Madden $20; Belt – came with dress; headband – target $1]

Really loved this outfit! I think I’m gonna repeat it this coming week for the restaurant since I only wore this to the office…

and yesterday!I feel like this was so much cuter than it photographed.. I just really needed to wear a skirt to the restaurant. I can’t suffer in pants for 13 hours. No way Jose! Surprisingly, EVERYONE loved this outfit & mgmt was so pleased with me. Additionally as the customer base is of the much older set, the customers seemed to love me more too (I also got way better at seating but whatever it’s the outfit!) I’m excited, I obviously touch back to a retro look & I think at this place it will be really appreciated.

Gotta get ready now actually!