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Daily Outfit Narcissism

8 Oct

Tank, skirt, & polkadot cardigan – Target

Necklace – Rejected by Twinsie & Scooped up by me.

Belt (SATC movie tribute) – NY&CO

Shoes – It’s been forever, I forget

Clearly I am entertained by taking photos of myself at work….


I’m your little butterfly – Green, black, and blue

7 Oct

I wore this outfit to a friends birthday dinner last night. I was quite impressed with my 10minute jammies in front of the TV to ready to be picked up & be seen in public surprise mission. so impressed that I guess I wanted to give it a full 8 hours of recognition.

Anthropologie butterfly dress (in the sleep wear section but too expensive & too awesome to not wear out)
Walmart blazer
Dollar Store headband
General Dollar brightass shoes 🙂

sorry for my “duh durh” face. some things I just can’t help on Hump days.

My 1st Contribution to Wardrobe_Remix!

6 Oct


Originally uploaded by JazmynCherie

This is my first contribution to wardrobe_remix 🙂 I’m so excited!

Thrifted ruffle sleeve dress
Walmart jumper
AMI Club Wear boots
Dollar Store headband

wow… I’m cheap!